SHRA Employees

SHRA Position Management

The Compensation and Position Management Team consults with and advises University managers and supervisors with the following:

  • Establishing new positions and changes to existing positions.
  • Organizational structure and compensation issues.
  • Evaluation of work assigned to those positions that are Subject to the Human Resources Act of North Carolina (SHRA).

Career Banding is a program developed by the Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) to enable more flexible salary administration and career growth opportunities for state employees. The previous position structure of graded classifications with pay ranges for each grade has been replaced with career bands of broader salary ranges and competency levels within the bands tied to market rates. UNC Charlotte uses a career banded system to promote employee growth and opportunities.

Our team has developed and provided a wealth of information on our website in order to provide you with the information needed to manage your positions.

New Positions: Summary of Steps and Documentation Needed from Manager

Step 1

Position Description: The description of the position’s purpose, role, and responsibilities; what you are recruiting for SHRA Position). In order to expedite, please speak with your management team to obtain a funding commitment before completing a Proposal Request for a new position through NinerTalent.

Identify Business Need: Proposal Request: Describe the work you need to assign (or re-assign) List the competencies (knowledge and skills) you anticipate the work requiring. Have some idea of available budgeted salary Have confirmation of leadership’s commitment of resources Submit NinerTalent Create New Position Proposal Request When response from HR Consultant received, add job duties and submit to Approver.

Position Description Components:
Career Band – role description; description of work
Functional Competencies – required knowledge, skill and abilities to perform the work
Job Duties – tasks and responsibilities; examples of the work to be done in the job specific to each required functional competency area
Priority Order – ranking of required functional competency areas from most important to least important for successfully achieving business needs Requirements (State Minimum and Preferred Qualifications) Physical Requirements (ADA Checklist)

Step 2

Within 30 days of the new hire being on board, the manager is required to submit a Work Plan. The work plan section is outlined based on position description and you can add SMART (Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic & Timely) goals that will guide the employee towards what you expect to measure them against. This work plan will be used during the annual evaluation process so it is imperative to think through the work plan, your expectations for this position and how you will measure it.

Step 3

By the end of the employee’s first six months, a Competency Assessment be completed (via HRMS) to indicate that the person is demonstrating the competencies required for the position and to confirm that the employee is being compensated in the appropriate market range. The competency assessment only needs to be completed at the end of probation if it was not completed within the recruitment hiring proposal. If you find it hard to align the competencies being demonstrated by the employee to the budgeted position level you recruited for, contact your compensation consultant to discuss.

SHRA Career Banding

Career Banding Overview

Career banding is the North Carolina statewide classification and compensation system for SHRA employees that focuses on demonstrated competencies as required by the business need of the organization. Employees in the career-banded system are assigned a specific classification and level based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for their specific position. Each employee in a career-banded position is evaluated on the competencies they demonstrate in their position.

Each competency is given a rating of Contributing, Journey or Advanced. From these individual competency ratings, an overall competency rating is assigned by the supervisor that reflects the competency level of the employee. The overall level that is assigned to the employee should not exceed the overall level of the position.

For a review of OSHR competency profiles, please explore the classification specifications and select the career band that you wish to review. This will provide you with an overview of the different career bands. Once you have identified the career band that fits your business need, please contact your HR Consultant to obtain a current job description template.

The compensation team will work with managers to identify the most appropriate career band/role/level for the business need. Once the correct career band is identified, the job description can be built based on the appropriate competencies which will support the compensation needs for the position.

Once you are ready to build a new position, or make a change to an existing position, please consult with your HR Consultant as regards the most appropriate course of action.

Classification Specifications
Classification TitleJob Family
AccountantAdministrative and Managerial
Accounting ManagerAdministrative and Managerial
Accounting TechnicianAdministrative and Managerial
Administrative Support AssociateAdministrative and Managerial
Administrative Support SpecialistAdministrative and Managerial
Administrative Support SupervisorAdministrative and Managerial
AuditorAdministrative and Managerial
Budget AnalystAdministrative and Managerial
Budget ManagerAdministrative and Managerial
Business OfficerAdministrative and Managerial
Business Services CoordinatorAdministrative and Managerial
Business Systems AnalystAdministrative and Managerial
Executive AssistantAdministrative and Managerial
Human Resources ConsultantAdministrative and Managerial
Human Resources ManagerAdministrative and Managerial
Human Resources SpecialistAdministrative and Managerial
ParalegalAdministrative and Managerial
Purchasing SpecialistAdministrative and Managerial
Social Research AssistantAdministrative and Managerial
Social Research SpecialistAdministrative and Managerial
Support Services AssociateAdministrative and Managerial
Support Services SupervisorAdministrative and Managerial
University Program AssociateAdministrative and Managerial
University Program ManagerAdministrative and Managerial
University Program SpecialistAdministrative and Managerial
Broadcast Media ManagerEducation and Information
Broadcast Media SpecialistEducation and Information
Broadcast Media TechnicianEducation and Information
Educational ConsultantEducation and Information
Interior DesignerEducation and Information
Performing ArtistEducation and Information
Public Communications SpecialistEducation and Information
Student Services SpecialistEducation and Information
Training SpecialistEducation and Information
University Library SpecialistEducation and Information
University Library TechnicianEducation and Information
Visual Arts SpecialistEducation and Information
ArchitectEnginnering and Architecture
Engineering/Architectural ManagerEnginnering and Architecture
Engineering/Architectural SupervisorEnginnering and Architecture
EngineerEnginnering and Architecture
Engineer-Architectural TechnicianEnginnering and Architecture
Facility PlannerEnginnering and Architecture
Landscape ArchitectEnginnering and Architecture
Environmental Health and Safety ProfessionalEnvironmental and Scientific Research
Environmental Health and Safety TechnicianEnvironmental and Scientific Research
Environmental SpecialistEnvironmental and Scientific Research
Environmental, Health and Safety Program Manager/ConsultantEnvironmental and Scientific Research
Research Operations ManagerEnvironmental and Scientific Research
Research SpecialistEnvironmental and Scientific Research
Research TechnicianEnvironmental and Scientific Research
Business Technology Application AnalystInformation Technology
Business Technology Application SpecialistInformation Technology
Business Technology Application TechicianInformation Technology
IT Manager – Business Technology ApplicationInformation Technology
IT Manager – NetworkingInformation Technology
IT Manager – OperationsInformation Technology
IT ManagerInformation Technology
IT Manager – SystemsInformation Technology
IT Manager – Technology SupportInformation Technology
IT Operations AnalystInformation Technology
IT Operations TechnicianInformation Technology
IT Project Analyst/ManagerInformation Technology
IT Project Program ManagerInformation Technology
IT Security SpecialistInformation Technology
Networking AnalystInformation Technology
Networking SpecialistInformation Technology
Networking TechnicianInformation Technology
Operations & Systems AnalystInformation Technology
Operations & Systems SpecialistInformation Technology
Operations & Systems TechnicianInformation Technology
Systems Programmer AnalystInformation Technology
Systems Programmer SpecialistInformation Technology
Technology Support AnalystInformation Technology
Technology Support SpecialistInformation Technology
Technology Support TechnicianInformation Technology
Building Environmental Services ManagerInstitutional Services
Building Environmental Services SupervisorInstitutional Services
Building Environmental Services TechnicianInstitutional Services
Grounds Services TechnicianInstitutional Services
Property Security OfficerLaw Enforcement and Public Safety
Property Security SupervisorLaw Enforcement and Public Safety
Public Safety DirectorLaw Enforcement and Public Safety
Public Safety OfficerLaw Enforcement and Public Safety
Public Safety SupervisorLaw Enforcement and Public Safety
Public Safety TelecommunicatorLaw Enforcement and Public Safety
Public Safety ManagerLaw Enforcement and Public Safety
Licensed Practical NurseMedical and Health
Medical and Health Program ConsultantMedical and Health
Medical Diagnostic TechnicianMedical and Health
Medical Lab SupervisorMedical and Health
Medical Lab TechnicianMedical and Health
Medical Laboratory TechnologistMedical and Health
Medical Nursing AssistantMedical and Health
Medical Records ManagerMedical and Health
Nurse ConsultantMedical and Health
Nurse DirectorMedical and Health
Nurse PractitionerMedical and Health
Nurse SupervisorMedical and Health
Nutrition SpecialistMedical and Health
PharmacistMedical and Health
Pharmacy TechnicianMedical and Health
Physician AssistantMedical and Health
Professional NurseMedical and Health
Electronics SpecialistOperations and Trades
Facilities SuperintendentOperations and Trades
Facilities Maintenance SupervisorOperations and Trades
Facilities Maintenance Technician – Building TradesOperations and Trades
Facilities Maintenance Technician – Mechanical TradesOperations and Trades
High Voltage Distribution SpecialistOperations and Trades
High Voltage Distribution SupervisorOperations and Trades
Specialty TradesOperations and Trades
Utilities Plant Operations SupervisorOperations and Trades
Vehicle Equipment OperatorOperations and Trades
Vehicle Equipment Repair TechnicianOperations and Trades
UNC Charlotte Career Banding Advisory Committee

The Career Banding Employee Advisory Committee is charged with reviewing our overall Career Banding programs to ensure that employees are being treated fairly in opportunities for career development and compensation. The committee will be updated on proposed career banding programs and offer input regarding its effectiveness, efficiency, and equity to employees. The committee will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing the career banding programs to ensure consistency and fairness.
  • Advise management on needed changes and improvements.
  • Serves as a forum for employees to raise questions concerning career banding policy as well as to recommend improvements in the policy.
  • Serves as a liaison between employees within their respective Divisions and the UNC Charlotte Department of Human Resources
  • Report findings from the committee back to the AVC of Human Resources and the Office of State Human Resources.


Members shall serve a term of two years. Based on the size and demographics of our University, fifteen members representing various SHRA work teams have been selected for this first term. In addition, during the first meeting a chairperson and vice-chairperson will be elected by the committed members along with a recorder. Efforts shall be made to appoint new members or reappoint current members in a staggered manner in order not to disrupt cohesiveness and/or work of the committee when changes are warranted.


For all issues to be decided upon by the committee, a simple majority rule should apply. The chairperson should not serve as a voting member except in the case of a tie wherein he/she may cast one vote. No proxy votes should be allowed.

Questions on Career Banding?

Once you are ready to build a new position, or make a change to an existing position, please consult with your HR Consultant as regards the most appropriate course of action. Anyone of our team members can assist you, but here is a general outline of how our team assists the University.

  • Kieffer Gaddis, executive director of staff position, employment & performance management: 704-687-0654,
    • Create New Position Description
    • Modify Position Description
  • Rachel Pierson-Bonin, HR Consultant: 704-687-0655,
    • Create New Position Description
    • Modify Position Description
  • Steve Barnhart, HR Consultant: 704-687-0657,
    • Temporary Career Progression Adjustment
    • Market Adjustment
    • Supervisor Change
    • Change/Extend Funding Source
    • FTW Change
    • NinerTalent Access
    • NinerTalent Navigation
    • User Type changes or access in NinerTalent
    • Banner entry/reconciliation of SHRA position & job information

Salary Increase Requests

Definitions of salary increase terms may be found in the Salary Administration Plan.

There are three (3) terms used to define the different types of SHRA position actions which may result in a salary increase:

  • Career Band Change or Reallocation – the duties have changed so completely that the former career band and its set of competencies do not address what is needed to accomplish the work done by the position. This is a change from one career band to another career band – “reallocation” is the term used.
  • Position Competency Level Change – the duties have changed so that a new level of competency is required to do the work. The competency levels are tied to salary market ranges, so that if the overall level of required competency changes from Contributing to Journey or from Journey to Advanced, a salary increase may be possible.
  • Career Progression Increase – the duties have changed, but not to the extent that a level or a career band change is justified. The career band and overall level remain the same, but some competencies are being required and demonstrated at a different level. This may allow for an increase within the competency level range.

Note: All SHRA salary increase requests must be submitted through NinerTalent via the Modify PD action.

More information can be found at PIM 56: Salary Adjustments for Career Banded Employees.