New SHRA Market Rates and Ranges for 2024


The UNC System Office, in conjunction with the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources, has finalized new market rates/ranges for SHRA career-banded employees and/or positions.

The new ranges have been approved by the State Human Resources Commission and Governor.


The effective date for the new SHRA market ranges is March 1, 2024.


The UNC System Office, in collaboration with Buck Consultants, A Gallagher Company, has recently conducted and completed a comprehensive compensation study to determine appropriate, and current, market rates and ranges for SHRA Career Banded classifications.

To accomplish this goal, key milestones of this initiative included:

  • The identification of classifications, levels, and/or jobs in need of updated market rates based on higher education-specific roles and any associated recruitment and/or retention challenges,
  • The identification of labor markets in which the University system competes for talent (statewide, regionally, nationally); and
  • The establishment of market values for benchmark jobs and OSHR Crosswalk values for any non-benchmark jobs to develop and propose updates to the current ranges.

For this study, 50% of the market pricing was weighted based on matched values from the CUPA-HR College and University Professional Association (CUPA) Survey Suite — a higher education-focused survey with a scope of public universities nationwide — with 50% of the market pricing based on General Industry survey matches from up to three (3) survey sources: Economic Research Institute (ERI) Database, CompAnalyst Database and Mercer Survey Suite.
As a result, and in conjunction with key stakeholder feedback, recently published studies on salary range changes in recent years and projections, and UNC’s actual history of SHRA Career Banded range updates, the UNC System Office and NC Office of State Human Resources recommended, and have approved, minimum market rate increases of 7.5% for most classifications with maximum rate increases of up to 25%.


New SHRA Market Rates

Questions and Support

For questions regarding SHRA compensation matters, please contact:

  • SHRA Recruitment actions: Alexandria Flippins at (7-0670)
  • SHRA Position actions: Kieffer Gaddis at (7-0654) or Tiffani McCain at (7-8790)