Hiring SHRA Employees

SHRA employees make up so many of our great employees at UNC Charlotte. By following the steps below, you can smoothly and easily add them to your team.

Review the position description to ensure that it is up to date and current.

To make any necessary changes, complete an “Update Position Description” through NinerTalent.
If the position needs to be reallocated to another classification band or competency level, contact your HR consultant in Compensation and Position Management for assistance.

Create new posting.

Create a new position in NinerTalent. (Review the NinerTalent User Guide for detailed information)

Normal posting time for external recruitment is 14 calendar days, but if a longer or shorter posting period is desired place the request on the ‘History’ or ‘Take Action’ tab.
– Minimum posting time for internal postings is five calendar days.
– Minimum posting time for external recruitment is seven calendar days.

SHRA postings cannot be listed “until filled.”

If you desire external advertisement, contact one of the talent aquisition consultant at 7-0667 or 7-0668. All SHRA external advertisements must go through HR to ensure EEO requirements. Departments must approve the quoted cost and provide the fund number for billing.

A talent acquisition consultant will screen the applicant pool within 1-5 business days after the posting closes.

The hiring manager will receive an email notification that the applicant pool is available for review through NinerTalent at

Hiring Manager selects candidates to interview.
  • For a list of competency-based interview questions, contact your designated talent aquisition consultant.
  • Supervisors/Search Committees are encouraged to include their own questions that are job related.
    • The University’s HR process requires that all interviewees be asked the same set of questions (interview questions must be submitted prior to interviewing for review).
    • Only upload the questions asked of all candidates, not the responses given from the applicant. This includes phone interviews, as well as in person and from all interviewers if interviewed by a committee.

To determine if a candidate has a tangible skill, incorporate a skills assessment test as part of the interview. A work sample will document their skills in Word, Excel, written communication etc. If you need assistance on how to create one, contact your designated HR consultant.

Once a final candidate is selected, complete the hiring proposal.

Once the applicant pool has been narrowed down to the final candidate, at least two reference checks must be completed. The telephone reference check form is available electronically. However, it has to be entered into the hiring proposal on the Telephone Reference tab.

When selecting an internal candidate, hiring managers can request to review their employee file by contacting Records Management at 7-0652 or 7-0653. You can also inquire about any current disciplinary actions through Employee Relations at 7-0658 or 7-0650.

Once a final candidate is selected, complete the hiring proposal

In addition, the statuses of all applicants referred for review will need to be changed before submitting the hiring proposal to HR for review.

Once the hiring proposal has been submitted through NinerTalent to HR for review, a talent acquisition consultant will review it within 1-3 business days.

The talent acquisition consultant will email an electronic invite to the selected applicant to complete the consent for a criminal background check.

Once the background report has been reviewed and approved by the talent aquisition consultant, the hiring manager will be notified of their approval through NinerTalent.

At that time, the candidate can be contacted to make a verbal offer of employment and to confirm a start date.

  • If the applicant contacts you before this point, let them know if they are being recommended for hire.
Once the candidate has accepted your verbal job offer, update the hiring proposal with their tentative start date and accepted salary.

Once the hiring proposal is approved, the selected candidate will receive a welcome email that will inform them of what they need to do before their first day of employment and direct them to our new employee webpage. Review the new employee checklist to prepare for your new arrival.



Heather Benson, talent aquisition consultant
Phone: 704-687-7863

Felicia Thompkins, talent aquisition consultant
Phone: 704-687-0667

Kel Dudden, talent acquisition consultant
Phone: 704-687-0545