Student Employees

With more than 30,000 students enrolled at UNC Charlotte, many gain valuable experience and opportunities through student employment. Learn more about job opportunities available to students and important information you need to know to work on campus.

Procedure for New Student Employees

Before you start working, you will need to visit this link to complete your orientation and onboarding steps.

More Information on Student Employment

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study a federally funded, need-based, financial assistance program administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Student Employment Office (HR). This program provides eligible participants (undergraduate and graduate students) with employment opportunities in which to earn funds to help with educational expenses.

There are several distinct advantages associated with program participation:

  • Studies have shown that student participation in the Federal Work Study program results in improved time management skills, enhanced classroom performances, and more active involvement in campus activities.
  • Student employees and their respective supervisors work in close collaboration to develop a work schedule suited for both the department’s needs and the students availability.
  • The vast majority of work-study positions are conveniently located on-campus. However, the program also offers a growing number of off-campus, community service-oriented employment opportunities (America Reads/Counts). Regardless of the location, participating students gain valuable professional contacts, experiences and/or references in preparation for future entry into the job market.

Students that participate in the Federal Work Study program would have applied for Financial Aid and have been awarded and accepted the Federal Work Study grant. Only those students that have been awarded the grant and accepted it are eligible to apply for and to work a designated Federal Work Study position.

Students interested in participating in the Federal Work Study program are encouraged to submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), before April 1 to be considered for the program.

IMPORANT: Completing the FAFSA does not guarantee eligibility in the program. International Students are not eligible for Federal Work Study Funding and are unable to work a Federal Work Study job.

First time Federal Work Study students will be contacted prior to the start of the semester about how to view and apply for positions and notified about the required Orientation for Federal Work Study students. You will only have to complete this orientation once at UNC Charlotte.

For more information, visit the Federal Work-Study page on the Student Employment website.

Student Temporary Wage

Student temporary wage positions differ from those associated with the Federal Work Study program in the following ways:

  • Student temporary wage positions are open to any interested, and currently enrolled, UNC Charlotte student.
  • There are no financial eligibility requirements that must be met to obtain a position of this type.
  • Student temporary wage positions are funded exclusively from departmental financial resources (operating budget, grants, receipts, student activity fees, etc.).
  • Hiring departments are required to list all student temporary wage positions on the University’s student job website.
Graduate Assistants

A graduate assistantship is an employment opportunity designed for/offered to prospective or currently enrolled graduate students to provide degree-related, experiential learning and/or work. The major goals of a graduate assistantship are two-fold: 1) to promote a student’s progress towards completion of a graduate degree; and 2) to provide additional resources to accomplish the mission of the University. This opportunity may also serve as an invaluable means of financial assistance and/or support throughout the duration of a graduate student’s course of study.

Graduate assistantships fall into one of the following primary categories: Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant.

Individuals interested in employment as a Graduate Assistant must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Successful completion of a baccalaureate degree; Full admission to a graduate degree program;
  • Current enrollment in at least six (6) or nine (9) semester hours (or equivalent thesis/dissertation research) depending upon the type of assistantship; and
  • An overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better, or completion of at least six (6) hours of graduate degree work with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

If you are a recently hired graduate assistant, and have never worked on campus in any capacity, you must:

  • Sign and return your graduate assistantship contract within all established deadlines;
  • Attend a graduate assistant orientation program;
  • Complete all required employment paperwork with the Human Resources department or International Student/Scholar Offices (Foreign National Graduate Assistants) no later than your first day of employment.

If you are a returning graduate assistant, in addition to the timely submission of your signed contract, you must:

  • Work no more than twenty (20) hours in any given week in either your assistantship, or your assistantship and any other on-campus student employment assignment;
  • Participate in all required evaluation processes and maintain satisfactory work performances;
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and make satisfactory progress towards completion of a graduate degree thorugh UNC Charlotte or other approved inter-institutional degree program.

Note: The aforementioned requirements for ‘returning’ graduate assistants also pertain to ‘new’ graduate assistants.

Graduate assistants are paid semi-monthly stipends on the 15th (or last business day prior to the 15th) and the last business day of each month. Graduate assistants are not required to complete monthly timesheets.

For more information regarding your designation as a prospective, or current, graduate student and/or graduate assistant, please visit the UNC Charlotte Graduate School website. You may also reach their offices at: (704) 687-5503 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday – Friday.

Information for Parents

The ‘university experience’ presents a wide variety of learning opportunities for your young adult. Whether classroom, social, or work-related, these opportunities represent huge steps in your young adult’s developmental processes in becoming an educated, functional, independent, and responsible member of the community. As a parent, you can play an important role in facilitating your young adult’s successful growth and development. Your best contribution as a parent may be made – not by managing your young adult’s educational, social, or work-life – but by helping him/her understand the tasks and responsibilities associated with success as a student or employee, and coaching them for effective, yet independent, problem resolution. Please keep in mind that their ‘university experiences’ are much more than educational, social, or professional preparation—they are lessons in ‘life’.

Please refer to the information below if your young adult intends to pursue on-campus employment opportunities:

  • The University Career Center (Atkins 150) serves as the student’s point of reference for student employment information. On-campus student job opportunities are listed here.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to seek, and secure, any/all on-campus employment opportunities. Full engagement in the job search process provides a valuable learning experience.
  • On-campus employment is both convenient and a limited commodity. If interested, your young adult should initiate the job search process early and explore all possible avenues to secure employment opportunities. On-campus student employment opportunities serve as valuable building blocks in support of future job searches.
  • If your young adult intends to pursue on-campus employment, he/she must present proof of identification and United States employment eligibility by providing the following information: for example an unexpired US passport; or a government-issued photo ID and their original Social Security Card, or official birth certificate. Please ensure that your young adult is provided access to all necessary forms of identification and that they fully understand the significance of safeguarding personal information. We cannot accept photocopies or pictures of their documents.
  • The University strongly encourages the use of direct deposit as the most effective and efficient means of payment for services rendered. Please ensure your young adult is provided access to, and/or informed of, all personal bank account information and that he/she can provide a voided check at the time of hire.
  • On-campus jobs are similar to any other type of employment. Students are expected to arrive for work as scheduled and to perform all work assignments as directed by their supervisor. Repeated failure to meet expected standards may result in termination of the work assignment.

Note: The Student Employment Office is prohibited, by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), from discussing any specific information about individual students with third-party sources, including parents, without written consent from the student.

Note for Foreign Nationals — Employment Letter Information

If you are a new student and do not have a social security number, you will receive a letter from Human Resources/International Student Scholar offices to apply for a number with the Social Security Administration office. This letter will be prepared and emailed to you within 3 weeks of your job being approved and in Banner. Once you receive this letter, contact SSA to schedule an appointment. Failure to apply for a social security number and present it to Human Resources within 90 days will lead to termination of employment. Social Security Office Locator.

Tax Withholding Calculator

Please note: Tax allowances will default to single/zero for US Citizens and Permanent Residences. Should you wish to change your form W-4 and/or form NC-4 to something other than single with zero allowances, you can now do so online by following the FAQ located here.

Notice about Social Security Cards

Please note that the University strongly recommends that each employee present his/her original Social Security card to assure accurate payroll tax and retirement system reporting. If possible, please bring your original Social Security card, or official proof of application, when you visit the Human Resources department for your initial employment processing. If you are unable to locate your card, you may apply for a duplicate card by visiting your local Social Security Administration. Use this link for information on obtaining a new or replacement Social Security Card.

New Online Services for North Carolina residents: The Social Security Administration expanded online services for residents of North Carolina available through its my Social Security portal at North Carolina residents can use the portal for many replacement Social Security number (SSN) card requests.

Please review our Statement of Purpose on why we request your social security number.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve submitted everything to get on campus, here are some important steps for when you get on campus.

Direct Deposit

Enrollment in the University’s direct deposit program is mandatory for all University employees. Please click on the following link for instructions and FAQ’s on how to enroll your Direct Deposit.

Using DUO

All student employees must sign up for DUO two-factor authentication.

Additional Student Employment FAQs

What verification documentation do I need to complete my I-9?

You must bring the original document(s) for identification and/or employment authorization. The University cannot accept copied, faxed or e-mailed copies of documents.

Examples: If you have an unexpired US Passport or a Permanent Resident Card, you only need this document. If you do not have either of these documents, you will need to bring both: an unexpired government issued photo ID (i.e. Student ID, Drivers License, or Military ID) and an employment authorization document (i.e. Social Security card* or Birth certificate). For a complete list of Acceptable I-9 documents, please click here.

*Original Social Security card: If you would like to submit your social security card and do not have the original, you may apply for a card and submit your receipt until your card arrives. The Social Security Administration now has online services for residents of North Carolina available through its mySocial Security portal at If you are not a resident of North Carolina, you can use this link for information on obtaining a new or replacement Social Security Card.

As a student employee, am I eligible to receive benefits?

No. Student employees (of any type) – Federal Work Study, Graduate Assistants, Student Temporary Wage – are ineligible to receive paid vacation, sick or holiday leave, as well as, paid medical and/or dental insurance.

Can students work during University breaks?

Yes, if the University is not closed, they want to work and the employing department has work for them to perform.

Will I be required to complete a criminal background?

Students who are handling sensitive information, working with minors or animals, handling cash or cash equivalent, working with hazardous materials or driving University vehicles will be required to complete a Criminal Background Check. If you have questions, please see our Criminal Background check policy.

Does the I-9 and hiring packet expire?

The I-9 and hiring packet will transfer from one student job to other jobs on campus as long as you don’t have a year or more break between jobs. If you are hired as a non-student employee (faculty, staff, non-student temp) you will be required to complete additional forms.

Student Job Opportunities

Looking to get a job on campus? Check out UNC Charlotte’s job opportunities.

Awards and Recognition

Every year, Human Resources recognizes exceptional student employees who go above and beyond their job description. University offices and departments that employ students may nominate one student each year to be consider for the annual Student Employee of the Year Award. Human Resources hosts an annual recognition event for nominees and their supervisors each year.