Recruiting and Hiring FAQs

Recruiting and Hiring FAQs

How do I initiate recruitment activities for a newly established, or recently vacated, SHRA position (either permanent or time-limited)?

To initiate recruitment activities for a vacant SHRA position (either new or existing), you must create a Vacancy Notice through NinerTalent. For instructions on how to post your vacancy, click here for the User Guide and other NinerTalent resources. Completed requests that are submitted to HR for approval are reviewed and posted within one to two business days. Initiators will receive an email confirmation when their posting is approved by Human Resources, along with the postings open and close dates. If you would like to advertise externally, you as the Initiator can indicate his/her intent in the posting and an Employment Specialist will follow up to approve the ad copy and quote. Remember that if the position’s incumbent is leaving University service, you must also submit a copy of the resignation letter/email, along with a Notification of Separation form, to the Benefits office.

I would like to give consideration to my current temporary employee (along with other qualified candidates). May I advertise this vacancy as ‘Open to current permanent, probationary or time-limited University employees only?

Current employees (working in a ‘temporary’ capacity) are ineligible to receive consideration for vacancies advertised as open to ‘UNC Charlotte Employees Only’ or ‘State of NC Employees Only.’ Therefore, your vacancy must be advertised to ‘All Candidates’ and your current temporary employee must apply and be determined to be among the ‘most qualified’ candidates for your respective vacancy.

How do I access referred to candidates for my vacant position(s)?

To view the referred candidates for your vacant position(s), go into NinerTalent using your current NinerNet username and password. All your active job postings will be viewable through your Inbox or Watch List. Click on the Position Title, then the Applicant tab in order to view your candidates and initiate the interview process. If you are unable to view your candidates for any reason, you may contact us at 704-687-0669 for additional assistance. If you’re an Initiator, you will receive an email notification once their applicant pool has been referred for review. For more helpful information on the applicant review process, visit the NinerTalent page to review useful User Guides on Applicant Tracking.

I need to hire someone immediately. How long do I have to advertise before I can begin reviewing applications?

Job postings open for ‘UNC Charlotte Employees Only’ or ‘State of NC Employees Only’ must be posted for a minimum of five days. Once you click Take Action on Posting, please document in the comment box how long you want the posting open. Job postings open to ‘All candidates’ must be posted for a minimum of seven days. As a general practice, vacancies open to ‘All candidates’ are posted for fourteen days.

Recruitment activities for my vacant position closed last Friday. It is morning. Where are my applications?

Review of applications begins on the first business day following the posted close date. Depending upon the number of job postings that closed that day/week and the overall quantity and quality of the respective applicant pools, it may take a few days for an Employment Specialist to complete the applicant screening and referral processes. However, it is an established goal of the Human Resources department to complete these processes within five business days following the posted close date for all SHRA position vacancies.

I do not wish to consider any of the candidates that were referred by Human Resources. Do I have to re-advertise? Or may I view more applications from the current pool of candidates?

First, you should speak to the Employment Specialist that referred your applicant pool. There may have been a miscommunication as to what preferred/required knowledge, skills and abilities you were searching for. You can click on the History tab of the job posting to see the name of the Employment Specialist that reviewed your applicant pool. Then they can advise you if there is a second group of applicants. This is if the applicant pool needs to be prescreened again with new criteria or should be reposted with changes to the posting and external advertisement.

I have identified a candidate that I would like to hire. What do I need to provide to Human Resources to make this happen?

Once the interview process has been conducted and a selected candidate identified, please make your recommendation for hire by completing the hiring proposal in NinerTalent. In addition, follow your department’s protocol on approvals before submitting to Human Resources for further review and evaluation. At that time, the candidate will receive an electronic invite to give their consent to a criminal background check.

When all required selection documentation has been reviewed and determined to be in compliance with all mandates regarding equal employment opportunity, the Human Resources department will forward written notification (via email) of your authorization to proceed with a verbal offer of employment to the selected candidate. Remember that employment offers must not be extended to any candidate until you have received written authorization from an Employment Specialist.

My new employee has successfully completed a probationary period and I wish to have him/her designated as a permanent SHRA staff member. What forms do I submit to Human Resources to complete this process?

All newly-hired SPA employees must serve a probationary period of twelve months. Once the employee reaches their 12th month of employment with the University/state, they will automatically be moved to the status of permanent, career-status employee. Supervisors are not required to submit any documentation to remove an employee from probationary status.

Employees cannot be removed from probation before they reach their 12th month. In addition, supervisors should provide the employee a work plan within their first 30 days of hire and provide ongoing feedback on their performance during their first year, along with corrective action and a performance improvement plan when necessary.

My offer of employment was accepted by the selected candidate. What are my next steps?

Once your selected candidate has accepted your verbal offer of employment and agreed on a start date, you must provide written notification to Human Resources (via return email) confirming the accepted salary and the effective start date of employment. Human Resources will provide the candidate with written confirmation of the employment offer. Additionally, you should direct your new employee to the following link so that they may become familiarized with, and/or begin completion of, all required new hire paperwork.

On your employee’s first day, please ensure they visit the Human Resources offices (King 222) to complete all necessary new hire paperwork and to receive other on-boarding information (benefits packet, identification and parking authorization, scheduling for new employee orientation, etc).

How do I review the status of hire paperwork or EPAF?

To ensure that new and returning employees have system access on or before their first day of work, hiring departments must submit the appropriate hiring paperwork or EPAF approvals in advance of the employee’s start date.

Ensure the hiring action was processed completely. If the hiring action was completed in NinerTalent:

  • Log into NinerTalent and view the posting status.
  • The posting status of Filled indicates hiring action was processed.
  • For pool postings, verify the Hiring Proposal status has been moved to Hiring Proposal Approved.

If the hiring action was completed through the EPAF system, check to see if EPAF is in the status of Complete.

  • If the NinerTalent posting status is Filled or the EPAF is in the status of Complete, then check Banner to verify the job has been entered.
  • If the supervisor does not have access to view jobs in Banner, check with your business officer to verify.
  • If the job is found in Banner, the hiring process is complete.
  • If the job is NOT found in Banner, the business officer should contact the central approver based on the job type. See the list below.

SHRA — contact HR – Rachel Pierson-Bonin or Jim Rodgers

Temporary Staff — contact HR – Preston Moran

EHRA Staff — contact HR – Heather Benson

Faculty — contact Academic Affairs – Franci Hamilton

Please note: Department administrators and the employee should not contact the central approvers directly. They should be working through their business officer.