Personnel Information Memorandums (PIMs)

PIM # PIM Title PIM Category
01 Guidance for Accessing Personnel Information Memoranda Administration
03 Advance Leave Benefits
04 Leave Administration - Workers' Compensation Leave Environmental Health and Safety
05 Leave Without Pay Benefits
06 Holiday Premium Pay Benefits
07 Disciplinary Action Policy (SHRA) Employee Relations
08 Temporary Staff Employees Staff Employment
09 Family and Medical Leave Benefits
10 Retirement Benefits
11 Leave Accrual Rates Benefits
12 Accounting for Time Not Worked Due to Hazardous Weather or Other Unusual Conditions Employee Relations
13 Employee Holidays Benefits
14 Establishing, Reallocating SHRA Positions or Requesting In-Range Salary Adjustments (Superseded by PIM 56) Human Resources Information Systems
15 Student Employment Policy Staff Employment
16 Normal and Variable Schedules for SHRA Staff Employees - Subject to the Wage and Hour Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Compensation and Position Management
17 Academic Integrity Obligations Of Employees Who Are Also Students Employee Relations
18 Drug Free Workplace - Reporting Obligations Employee Relations
19 Reduction in Force Guidelines Employee Relations
22 Secondary Employment Staff Employment
23 Release Time Benefits
26 Incident Prevention Environmental Health and Safety
27 Incident Reporting and Investigation Environmental Health and Safety
28 Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan Environmental Health and Safety
29 Voluntary Shared Leave Program Benefits
30 Eligibility for Leave, Health Care and Retirement Benefits
32 Dual Career Couples Program -- Welcome to Charlotte Administration
33 Reporting a Change of Address and/or Home Telephone Benefits
34 Notice of Separation Benefits
35 Grievance and Appeal Procedures for Employees Subject to the State Human Resources Act Employee Relations
36 EHRA Non-Faculty Grievance Process Employee Relations
37 Wage and Hour Considerations for SHRA Employees with Two University Jobs Staff Employment
39 Due Dates for the Submission of Personnel Actions Affecting Pay Compensation and Position Management
40 Supplemental Personal Data for Evaluating Affirmative Action Recruitment (Affirmative Action Letter) Employee Relations
42 Employment in Support of Programs/Projects Funded by Grants and Contracts Compensation and Position Management
43 Merit-Based Recruitment and Selection Plan for Classified Staff Employees (SHRA - Subject to the State Human Resources Act) Staff Employment
44 Staff Employee of the Year Employee Relations
45 Identifying Essential Functions and Physical Requirements of EHRA Staff Positions Employee Relations
46 Community Service Benefits
48 Dual Career Couples Employment Assistance Program Administration
49 Workers' Compensation — Return to Work Program Environmental Health and Safety
50 Reasonable Accommodation Employee Relations
51 Hazardous Waste Management  Environmental Health and Safety
52 On-Call Pay Compensation and Position Management
53 Shift Premium Pay Compensation and Position Management
54 Completing and Retaining Employee Weekly Time Records For FLSA Subject Employees Records Management
56 Salary Adjustments for Career Banded Employees Compensation and Position Management
57 Establishing SHRA Positions under Career Banding Compensation and Position Management
58 Teleworking Program Guidance (Rescinded and Superseded by University Policy 101.22) Employee Relations
59 Short Term Disability Benefits
60 UNC Charlotte Employee Emergency Loan Fund Employee Relations
61 Application for Retirement (Rescinded) Benefits
62 Procedures for Responding to the Death of a University Employee Benefits
63 Process Deadlines and Requirements for Hiring and Paying Temporary Employees Employment and Staffing
64 Compensatory Time Off & Overtime Pay for SHRA and EHRA Non-Exempt Employees Compensation and Position Management
65 Paid Parental Leave Benefits
66 Use of Search Firms for EHRA Recruitments Administration