PIM 18: Drug Free Workplace – Reporting Obligations

Dated: Sept. 5, 1997

Category: Employee Relations / Compliance

Contact: Director of Employee Relations and Compliance – ext. 0659

University Policy Statement #711, Program to Prevent Use of Illegal Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, was distributed to all employees of the University in compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988. As part of the compliance requirements, the following actions must be taken when an employee is convicted of any criminal drug offense occurring in the workplace:

  1. The employee must cause the appropriate Vice Chancellor’s office to be informed no later than five (5) days of convictions.

  2. Disciplinary action and/or participation in a drug rehabilitation/education program as a result of campus proceedings against the convicted employee must commence within 30 days of notice of conviction.

  3. In the event the convicted employee is paid from funds directly provided by a federal grant, the granting agency must be notified by the University within 10 days of receiving notice of the employee’s conviction.

  4. The Director of Employee Relations and Compliance, in the Human Resources Department, is responsible for ensuring the actions in 2. and 3. above are accomplished. Therefore, it is essential that the Director of Employee Relations and Compliance, ext. 2804, be informed within 24 hours from the time the appropriate Vice Chancellor is notified of a conviction

The Act stipulates that failure to comply with the requirements of numbers 2 and 3, above, will subject the University to suspension of payments under the grant or termination of the grant and possible debarment.

PIM Number: 18

PIM Category: Employee Relations