PIM 39: Due Dates for the Submission of Personnel Actions Affecting Pay

Dated: May 15, 1998

Category: Classification and Compensation

Contact: Director of Classification and Compensation – ext. 7-0654

1. It is a requirement that all personnel actions affecting pay be processed through the Human Resources Department rather than through the Payroll Office. This process involves documents affecting pay for the following University personnel:

A. Full-time Faculty – both 9 and 12-month appointments (PD-7’s)

B. Part-time (temporary) Faculty (PD-7’s)

C. EHRA Staff (PD-7’s and Offer of Appointment Forms)

D. Student Workers – Temporary Wage, College Work Study, Graduate and Undergraduate Assistants (PD-7’s and Student Appointment/Payroll Status)

2. Personnel action documents affecting pay (e.g. Forms PD-7, Forms PD-7S, PD Forms 17, and Student Appointment/Payroll Status forms) received by the Human Resources Department in accordance with appropriate due dates will be processed in sufficient time to be reflected in the next regularly scheduled paycheck for the employee/student worker concerned. Documents received after the scheduled due date may or may not be reflected in the next regularly scheduled paycheck depending on circumstances.

3. The scheduled due dates also apply to any correspondence affecting the pay of classified (SHRA) employees such as leave without pay (LWOP), return to duty from LWOP or Workers’ Compensation Leave, termination, etc, for which a personnel action (Form PD-105) must be prepared.

4. Since some of the personnel action documents must have multiple approvals before delivery to the Human Resources Department for processing, departments/offices originating such documents may need to consider time for anticipated reviews or simply monitor the status of the personnel action before indicating to the employee or student worker when payment will be received.

(NOTE: Timecards, timesheets, leave forms and changes to tax withholding forms are still submitted directly to the Payroll Office.)

PIM Number: 39

PIM Category: Compensation and Position Management