PIM 60: UNC Charlotte Employee Emergency Loan Fund

Dated: January 6, 2023
Category: Employee Relations
Contact: Director of Employee Relations – Ext.7-0658


The Emergency Loan Fund (ELF) is established to provide actively employed UNC Charlotte employees with an alternative to borrow money for short-term emergency situations. The ELF is established by the Foundation and through the generous gifts and contributions of UNC Charlotte employees and others. The ELF is administered by the Department of Human Resources and the Controller’s Office.


An emergency loan from the ELF is available to faculty/staff for emergency situations where money is needed to respond to a short-term emergency or financial hardship. There is no interest charge for an emergency loan provided through the ELF.


  • Must be a permanent SHRA employee with a minimum of one-year, continuous university service, and be actively employed when applying to ELF; or
  • Must be a permanent EHRA employee, which includes Faculty as defined in Section 3.2 of the UNC Charlotte Tenure Policies, Regulations and Procedures and full-time, time-limited faculty appointments, with a minimum of one year continuous university service and be actively employed when applying to ELF.
  • Temporary and probationary employees are not eligible to participate in this program.


The Director of Employee Relations will serve as the ELF Coordinator. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and the Assistant Employee Relations Managers may serve as ELF Coordinators in the absence of the Director of Employee Relations. Examples of situations warranting an emergency loan from ELF may include, but are not limited to: emergency automobile repairs, unexpected doctor bills, loss of income, etc.

The Emergency Loan Request Form

A. Employees who desire an emergency loan from ELF should complete the Emergency Loan Request Form (the “Form”). The Form can be accessed by this link Emergency Loan Fund Form or a paper Form may be requested from the Department of Human Resources (HR).

B. Return the Form to the Department of Human Resources via email, to employee-relations@charlotte.edu, or April Edwards, April.Edwards@charlotte.edu, for immediate consideration and approval. The Department of Human Resources is available to assist employees with the preparation of the Form.

Emergency Loan Amount Guidelines

A. Employees may request an emergency loan in any amount between $100 and $250, such emergency loan to be in $25 increments. Emergency loans will ordinarily be processed within five working days following receipt of the Form and approval by the Director of Employee Relations, or delegate.

B. Employees may only request one emergency loan during a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and the emergency loan must be fully repaid before a new request for an emergency loan from the ELF will be accepted.

Repayment of Loans

All loans from the ELF must be repaid at the rate of a minimum of $25.00 per bi-monthly pay period through payroll deduction. Repayment will begin with the third bi-monthly pay period after disbursement of the loan. The outstanding balance of the emergency loan will be deducted from the final paycheck of the employee if such employee is separated from UNC Charlotte for any reason before the entire emergency loan is repaid.


Emergency loan records will be kept in a file separate from the employee’s primary personnel file.

Procedural Questions

Employees with questions regarding the ELF should contact the Director of Employee Relations or any staff member of the Department of Human Resources.

PIM Number: 60

PIM Category: Employee Relations