PIM 52: On-Call Pay

Dated: Aug.1, 2004
Category: Classification and Compensation
Contact: Director of Classification and Compensation – ext.7- 0654


To provide compensation for designated employees who are required to be on-call and/or who are called back in the event of an emergency.


On-Call: Designated positions/employees required to be available for work should an unscheduled emergency require their return to work on short notice. On-Call time is not considered in determining total hours worked.

Emergency Callback: Designated employees available to be called back to work on short notice to an emergency work situation to:

  • Avoid significant service disruption;
  • Avoid placing employees or the public in unsafe situations; or
  • Protect and/or provide emergency services to property; or
  • Respond to emergencies with students, staff, faculty, or guests.


Limited to positions/employees in select and approved job classes who can most effectively meet the demands of the work required.

Employees in positions designated for on-call and or callback pay shall be notified in advance of being subject to on-call and emergency callback.


  1. Based on sound business need, department management must submit a list of positions and incumbents recommended to be placed on-call along with full justification to the Director of Classification and Compensation for approval. Payment of on-call will not be made prior to gaining approval in writing from the Human Resources Department.
  2. On-Call/Emergency Callback procedures do not apply to EHRA or SHRA management personnel.
  3. If emergency situations can be handled under the general provisions of emergency call-back pay, the on-call provision will not be used.
  4. The Human Resources department will notify Financial Services of all employees approved for on-call designation.
  5. Positions placed on the On-Call list will be reviewed annually by Human Resources.

Rate of Pay

On-Call Compensation:

One hour of compensatory time is awarded for eight hours on-call, or $.94 per hour on call ($7.52 per eight-hour shift) for all positions designated on call. In situations where a department head can demonstrate a compelling market justification, an exception to the $.94 an hour may be considered.

Compensatory time is to be used whenever possible. It is not to be accumulated beyond 240 hours and shall be taken within twelve months from the date earned. If time off is not taken within twelve (12) months of the date earned, or if the employee separates or transfers to another agency or university department, payment is awarded in the employee’s next regular paycheck. For this reason, an employee should be required to take the time off as soon as possible after it is accumulated. Departments are responsible for recording and monitoring compensatory time.

Emergency Callback Compensation:

FLSA Exempt employees normally do not receive additional compensation for emergency callback. However, 1) compensatory time for exempt employees may be used to provide time off for callback, OR 2) market conditions may justify eligibility for callback pay for exempt positions. Based on documented evidence of rate changes in the marketplace, the University may submit request for special rate for approval by the Office of State Human Resources.

FLSA Subject employees

  • Employees returning to work shall receive a minimum of two hours compensation as time off or additional pay at the straight-time rate of pay for each occasion of callback.
  • Employees responding via telephone and/or computer shall receive a minimum of 30 minutes as time off or additional pay at the straight-time rate of pay for each occasion of callback. If more than one callback occurs within a given on-call shift, total callback time cannot exceed 2 (two) hours unless the work time exceeds two hours.
  • If the time on callback is more than the two hours allowed, the employee shall be compensated for the actual time on callback rounded to nearest 15 minute increment.
  • Shift pay, holiday pay and overtime pay shall be received in addition to emergency callback pay, if applicable. Time on callback is subtracted from the on-call hours.
  • Employees whose work continues following the end of the regularly scheduled hours of work are not eligible for callback.
  • Time actually worked and travel to the worksite shall be included in hours worked for determining overtime hours.
  • Emergency callback pay must be included in calculating the employee’s regular rate for overtime pay.

Separation or Transfer

For FLSA non-exempt employees, if on-call or callback time has not been taken off as compensatory leave, it shall be paid to employees upon separation or transfer to another department or outside state agency or university. The on-call pay shall be at the rate applicable to the position when earned.

PIM Number: 52

PIM Category: Compensation and Position Management