PIM 54: Completing and Retaining Employee Weekly Time Records for FSLA Subject Employees

Completing and Retaining Employee Weekly Time Records For FLSA Subject or Non-Exempt Employees (Permanent, Temporary, and Students)

Dated: March 1, 2018

Category: Classification, Compensation, and Human Resources Information Systems

Contact: Director of Classification and Compensation – ext. 7-0654

Federal Law requires employers to keep accurate records of hours worked for certain categories of employees. Employees who are designated as “subject” to, or ‘non-exempt’ from, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are required to complete time records for each designated timekeeping period. All employee time records will be entered/maintained in the University’s timekeeping system and are to be approved by the supervisor in accordance with University timekeeping policies.

Each employee required to complete a time record must complete and submit the time record to his/her supervisor accurately reflecting hours worked and/or charged to leave. It is a very serious, even criminal, matter to incorrectly and falsely report hours worked.

The supervisor of the employee is responsible for approving the time record only if the hours worked have been accurately reported by the employee. This approval constitutes the supervisor’s verification that the time record is accurate.

For “exception pay” circumstances, please refer to the following guidance for additional information:

  • Overtime – PIM 16 and OSHR Policy
  • Compensatory Time Off – PIM 64
  • Holiday Premium Pay – PIM 6
  • On-Call/Emergency Callback Pay – PIM 52
  • Shift Premium Pay – PIM 53

Failure to maintain accurate and complete records may result in significant financial loss to the university and damage the university’s reputation for sound fiscal management. To avoid these problems, the university will conduct periodic, random audits and will report non-compliance to the appropriate Vice Chancellor for appropriate response.

Your support of and attention to this important requirement is essential. It is recommended this attachment be conspicuously posted as a continual reminder to employees and supervisors.

Department heads and supervisors are responsible for tracking and managing compensatory time off earned by FLSA non-exempt employees. FLSA-exempt employees (both SHRA and EHRA) are not eligible to earn hour-for-hour compensatory time for hours worked in excess of forty weekly. See guidance for FLSA-exempt employees at University Policy Statement #101.19.

For more information regarding work schedules for FLSA non-exempt employees, please refer to PIM 16. For further information on payroll timekeeping requirements, please contact the Payroll Office (ext. 7-5795). For information concerning FLSA non-exempt or exempt employee status, please contact the Director of Classification and Compensation (ext. 7-0654). For information concerning leave administration, please contact the Benefits Manager (ext. 7-0649).

PIM Number: 54
PIM Category: Records Management