PIM 57: Establishing SHRA Positions under Career Banding

Dated: November 1, 2010
Category: Classification and Compensation
Contact: Director of Classification and Compensation – ext. 7-0654

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  • Position Description, Performance Management, Competency Assessment Forms


Career Band Classification – An objective evaluation that compares the nature and kind of competencies necessary to support the duties and responsibilities required to meet a business need. Competency level (Contributing, Journey, Advanced) decisions are made based on the following factors:

  • Variety and scope of work responsibilities;

  • difficulty and complexity of work;

  • decision making authority and responsibility; and

  • knowledge, skills and abilities required to accomplish the work.

Note: Classification decisions are not based on volume of work, work performance, length of service, financial need, or recruitment concerns.

New Position – The initial establishment of a position’s described duties and functional competencies created to meet required work demand and funding availability.


When departmental growth and/or restructuring creates new business needs, additional position support may be needed if current staff do not have the competencies or the resources to take on needed job functions. Establishing positions requires that managers and supervisors identify the work to be done that most accurately supports the business objectives and recommend the most appropriate career bands and competency levels that support this work.

General Information

  • New positions may be established as permanent full-time, permanent part-time (20 or more hours per week), or time-limited full-time, or time-limited part-time.

  • New and vacant positions will not be established at higher competency ranges than available funding will permit.

  • Human Resources will make a determination as to whether the new position is ‘subject to’ (eligible for overtime compensation) or ‘exempt from’ (salaried and not subject to timekeeping) the wage and hour provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

  • Positions will generally not be restudied for at least 12 months after a position has been established and filled.


  • Responsibility of Requesting Dean, Director or Department Head

    1. Review career band specifications and competency profiles on the HR website to determine which job family, career band, and competency level are most appropriate.

    2. Consult with Human Resources to ensure proposed career band and competency level are appropriate for the work to be done.

    3. Deans, Directors, and Department Heads must review and indicate support for any requests for new positions based on specific business needs via electronic approval.

  • Responsibility of Supervisor

    1. All requests require the Budget Request to Establish or Modify a Position (BREMP, or Form BD101) which indicates funding is available, and states the reason(s) why the position is being established. This form is supported by other documentation as described below. Note: Provision of available funding is not to be interpreted as approval of specific level of funding for new or reallocated positions.

    2. Submit the following completed documentation with the BREMP (BD101) to the appropriate Dean, Director, or Department Head for necessary signatures indicating their support. This documentation (see below) is then forwarded to the division’s Vice Chancellor/Provost for authorization; then sent to the Budget Office – Financial Services for fiscal authorization. After funding is confirmed, all information is forwarded to Compensation and Position Management in Human Resources for review.

Request for new positions:

In addition to the BREMP, submit the following documents for this action to be reviewed:

  1. A new Position Description form (with the Americans with Disabilities Act checklist included) signed by the supervisor, and the department director. Position description templates are available online for each career band job family.

  2. Current organizational chart approved by the department director that reflects:

    • SHRA career band, competency level, and position number.

    • EHRA and position number for all others.

Once an employee has been hired, the following documentation must be submitted to Human Resources:

  1. Work Plan due within 30 days of hire

All documentation must be reviewed with the employee and electronically certified by both the employee and supervisor.

Revising Job Descriptions of Vacant Positions

When the role or competency requirements (based on developing business needs) of a vacant position have changed since the position was vacated, the same process for establishing a new position is used in revising the job description of a vacant position for the purpose of recruiting for the vacancy in a different career band or at a different competency level.

Note: Omission of any part of the required documents will delay review of the request. After receiving confirmation of new position’s banded class and competency level, the supervisor is free to initiate the selection process by submitting a Recruitment Requisition (via NinerTalent) to the Staff Employment unit.

Responsibility of Human Resources Department

  • Notify the department and acknowledge when the documentation is received. Actions cannot be reviewed until all required documentation has been submitted.

  • Conduct career band and competency analysis and determine position’s career band and competency level: Information compiled from the submitted documentation will be compared to career band specifications, competency profiles, and similarly situated employees. If there are questions about the determination, these will be discussed by the analyst and the requesting department director and resolved prior to finalizing a formal career band and competency level placement of the position.

  • Communicate career band and competency level decision to the department director via memorandum. The effective date of all position actions will be the 1st or 16th of the month and in conjunction with the next available payroll processing period. Position actions shall not be approved with retroactive effective dates.

Questions regarding this Personnel Information Memorandum may be referred to Classification, Compensation, and Position Management staff.

PIM Number: 57
PIM Category: Compensation and Position Managemen