PIM 27: Incident Reporting and Investigation

Category:  Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
Contact:  EHS Director - ext. 7-1111


This memorandum documents the procedures established to ensure complete and effective investigations are conducted for work-related incidents causing or with the potential to cause injury, illness, or property damage and that appropriate follow-up actions are taken to minimize or eliminate recurrences.


Students, faculty, staff, and visitors must report any incident and/or hazard to their supervisor or area manager as soon as reasonably practical. Unsafe hazards, incidents/near misses, and work-related injuries/illnesses should also be reported to the EHS office. 

All job-related injuries or illnesses, no matter how minor, shall be reported, evaluated, and treated immediately. Each employee has the responsibility for reporting injuries/illnesses to his/her supervisor using the Employee's Incident Report.

The purposes of reporting injuries are threefold:

  1. To ensure the health of employees by administering appropriate treatment as soon as possible after the injury;
  2. To maintain a good, ongoing injury and illness prevention program through investigation and elimination of accident causes;
  3. For documentation and recordkeeping.

Medical Treatment

Student Health Center is the primary contact for employees with injuries/illnesses due to occupational exposure for all campus locations. Employees requiring treatment should be escorted by their supervisor and shall provide the signed original Employee Incident Report to the Health Center. Follow-up treatment may be at the Health Center or at a specialist as directed by the Health Center staff

When the Student Health Center is closed, the injured employee is to be directed as follows:  

Main Campus - FastMed, 2728 W. Mallard Creek Church Road, Charlotte, NC (980-218-1860)                             or FastMed - 4415 School House Commons, Harrisburg, NC (704-456-1218)

Center City - FastMed, 3250 Wilkinson Blvd, Charlotte, NC (704-319-5176)

NC Research Campus- FastMed, 391 George W. Liles Pkwy, NW, Concord, NC (704-886-1780)

Employees requiring treatment should be escorted by their supervisor and shall provide the signed original Employee Incident Report to the Urgent Care Center. Follow-up treatment is to be at the Student Health Center.

When the Urgent Care Center is closed and the injury requires treatment before the Student Health Center or Urgent Care Center reopens, then the employee should be sent to the University Hospital Emergency Room, 101 W.T. Harris Blvd., CMC Hospital Main, 1000 Blythe Blvd, or CMC Hospital Northeast, 920 Church St, N. respectively depending on the campus location. Follow-up treatment is to be at the Student Health Center on the main campus. Should emergency treatment be necessary, call Campus Police 704-687-2200 by cell phone or (911) from a campus phone.


All occupational injuries/illnesses must be investigated as soon as possible after the occurrence so that the Incident Prevention program can function. The employee's immediate supervisor is responsible for conducting the investigation, documenting the Supervisor Incident Investigation Report, and submitting forms to the EHS office. The injured/ill employee shall participate in the investigation when possible.

A critical part of the Supervisor's Investigation Report is the corrective action taken or recommended to prevent a recurrence. The immediate supervisor shall be responsible for determining appropriate corrective action and follow-up activity to eliminate the incident causes.

EHS office will assist supervisors in conducting incident investigations and as deemed appropriate will follow-up with a report.  Incidents resulting in a high frequency or high severity of injury should be investigated by EHS.


Notification by an appropriate supervisor is to be made to the Environmental Health and Safety office within 24 hours of any report by an employee of an occupational injury or illness. All incidents involving serious bodily injury or death must be reported immediately.

Updated: December 1, 2020


PIM Number: 27

PIM Category:  Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

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PIM Category: 

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)