PIM 62: Procedures For Responding To Death Of University Employee

Dated: April 1, 2016
Category: Benefits
Contact: University Benefits Director – ext. 7-0649, or 7-8134

The death of a University employee requires timely and sensitive responses from a number of University offices to assure that the deceased employee’s interests and those of his or her family and loved ones are respected and protected.

Any person in the University community who initially learns of the death of a University employee should immediately notify the University Benefits Director or designee (ext. 7-0649, or 7-8134).


  • Immediately notify Risk Management, Safety and Security (RMSS) at (ext. 7-1111); Police/Public Safety; and Environmental Health and Safety Office, if death took place on campus and/or occurred during a period of travel on University business
  • Promptly notify Human Resources Benefits Director or designee of any employee’s death, regardless of the circumstance
  • Be prepared if possible to provide family/representative contact information, if it is available, to Benefits Director or designee
  • Provide family/representative with contact information to the Benefits Director or designee

Benefits Director:

  • Serve as the primary point of contact to coordinate University information/action
  • Discuss circumstances with Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources to determine all appropriate contacts for notification and coordination. Include: Human Resources; Department representative; Payroll; Legal; Risk Management, Safety and Security (RMSS); Police/Public Safety-if death on campus; University Public Relations; IT Security; and, others to be determined based on circumstances.
  • Assemble response team to follow established procedures, as outlined in the Reference Guide – Response to Death of University Employee

PIM Number: 62
PIM Category: Benefits