PIM 53: Shift Premium Pay

Dated: Dec. 1, 2000
Category: Classification and Compensation
Contact: Director of Classification and Compensation – ext. 7-0654


To provide additional compensation for certain employees in positions scheduled to work on either an evening or night shift.


Shift Premium Pay: The rate of shift premium pay shall be ten percent (10%) of the regular hourly salary rate.


a. Limited to SHRA employees who are full-time or part-time (20 hours or more) permanent, probationary, or time-limited and in positions in pay grade 69 or lower. The only exceptions to this directive are Nurses and Physician Extenders and Information Technology classes.

b. Employees in positions not regularly assigned to an evening or night shift but who may be occasionally required to temporarily perform duties in an evening or night shift may receive premium pay only if they are rescheduled to work that shift for an extended period of 40 or more hours in one or more consecutive workweeks. An occasional, isolated, requirement to fill in for less duration will not result in shift premium pay to temporarily detailed employees.

c. To manage costs, employees in like job classes and grades (i.e. Housekeeping Assistants replace Housekeeping Assistants) should be identified to provide coverage when deemed necessary.

Shift Pay Hours

a. Employees shall receive premium pay for all hours in a shift worked in a position where more than half of the scheduled working hours occur between 4:00 PM and 8:00 AM on a regular recurring basis.

b. Employees shall not receive shift premium pay for hours not actually worked. This exclusion includes meal periods and such time periods as vacation leave, holidays, sick leave, jury duty and military leave.

Overtime Calculations

Shift premiums must be included in the calculation of the regular hourly rate of pay for the purpose of computing overtime.

PIM Number: 53

PIM Category: Compensation and Position Management