PIM 63: Process Deadlines and Requirements for Hiring and Paying Temporary Employees

Updated: February 2020
Category: Staff Employment, Payroll
Contact: Direct EPAF questions to employment@charlotte.edu and WTE questions to PayrollDept@charlotte.edu


To ensure newly appointed and continuing temporary employees, including student employees, are set up for payroll and paid on time, it is imperative that departments submit the proper Human Resources (HR) and Payroll forms before their start date as outlined below. Failure to do any of the below will likely result in delayed payment to your employee. Make every effort to communicate these deadlines and requirements to all those involved with managing temporary employees in your offices.

Note that these deadlines apply to all temporary employees required to use Banner Web Time Entry (WTE) to report time worked. This PIM does not apply to other student and non-student workers, e.g., graduate assistants and salaried temps, who do not use WTE.

Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) Submission Deadlines

  1. Departments must fully process an EPAF before the start date of a student or temporary employee, and at least 7 business days prior to the end of the pay period, to ensure payment on the pay cycle.
    1. To ensure that your new employee can be paid, do not schedule them to start work until the EPAF is fully processed. You can tell an EPAF is fully processed by logging into the EPAF system to ensure the status is marked “completed.” Any other status (e.g., pending, returned for corrections, saved) indicates that the EPAF has not been approved by HR.
    2. If your EPAF is not processed within three business days of submission, follow up with the Student Employment Office (students), the Staff Employment Office (temporary staff), or Academic Affairs (temporary faculty).

Banner Web Time Entry (WTE) Access

  1. Your employee must have access to Banner WTE no later than five business days before the end of the pay period during which your employee has worked.
  2. An automated email will be sent to you once the employee is set up in WTE. You will then have access to review and approve their timesheets.
  3. If your employee does not have access to WTE, then they are not set up to be paid, and immediate, timely action on your part must be taken.
    1. These actions must be taken no later than five business days before the end of the pay period during which your employee has worked. Late actions may cause delayed payment.
    2. Positions processed after the cut-off date of five business days before the end of the pay period will not be guaranteed payment for that pay period.
    3. Paper timesheets WILL NOT be accepted when this deadline has been missed.
    4. Contact your department’s Business Officer for the process of paying students/temps who have missed deadlines yet worked during the pay period.

WTE Submission Deadlines

  1. Students and Temporary Staff hourly employees are required to submit their WTE timesheets by the Monday after the end of the pay period.
  2. Approvers must approve WTE timesheets by the Wednesday after the end of the pay period. Not doing so will result in your employee’s hours not being pulled into the biweekly payroll.

WTE Reminder Emails

  1. System-generated email reminders are sent out to both employees and approvers until timesheets are submitted and approved.
  2. In case of missed emails, WTE employees and supervisors should add the “Kronos & WTE Pay Periods & Timesheet Deadlines” Google Calendar, which will add all pay periods and timesheet deadlines to their Google Calendar.

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PIM Number: 63

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