PIM 40: Supplemental Personal Data for Evaluating Affirmative Action Recruitment (Affirmative Action Letter)

Dated: April 20, 1998
Category: Employee Relations / Compliance
Contact: Director of Employee Relations and Compliance – ext. 0659

The Affirmative Action Letter for Applicants requests supplemental personal data from job applicants for the purpose of evaluating affirmative action recruitment. The letter is to be used in conjunction with recruitment for all faculty positions and all staff positions that are exempt (EPA) from the provisions of the State Personnel Act. The “business reply” return envelopes with the 9201 University City Blvd. address will continue to be used.

Recommended procedures for using the Affirmative Action Letter as part of the recruitment process are as follows:

  1. Upon approval of a Faculty Recruitment Plan (Form AA-02) or a Plan for Recruitment of EPA Staff (Form AA-22), the requesting department/office advertises the position.
  2. Applications (resumes/vitae) are received by the recruiting department/office and entered into a database for preparation of the alphabetical applicant list to be included with the interview form. For affirmative action purposes, an “applicant” is an individual who has applied for a vacant position.
  3. The recruiting department/office acknowledges, in writing, the receipt of all applications and includes the Affirmative Action Letter and return envelope with each acknowledgment.

    NOTE: The title, number of the position for which the applicant is to be considered, and the Department or Office in which the vacancy exists are to be entered on the Affirmative Action Letters by the recruiting department/office BEFORE sending to applicants along with a reply envelope.

  4. Completed Supplemental Personal Data for Evaluating Affirmative Action Recruitment Forms (on reverse side of Affirmative Action Letter) are received in the Department of Human Resources. The gender and ethnic composition of the applicant pool for each position under active recruitment is compiled from information that has been voluntarily provided by applicants on the returned Forms. Information regarding a particular applicant pool may be obtained by contacting the Assistant Director of Human Resources for Plans and Special Programs.
  5. A summary of applicant pool information is recorded on the Report of Recruitment Results and Request to Interview Forms (Form AA-04 for faculty and Form AA-24 for EPA Staff). The summary should be completed prior to candidates being invited for interview.
  6. The effectiveness of the recruitment effort is evaluated in terms of whether applications were attracted from women, ethnic minorities, and veterans in comparison with established goals.
  7. The recruitment efforts of departments/offices that are unable to attract applications from individuals in underutilized categories will be reviewed to determine if (and how) current efforts might be made more effective.

Supplies of the Affirmative Action Letter and Business Reply Envelopes may be obtained by contacting the Receptionist / Employment Assistant, ext. 2276, in the Department of Human Resources.

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