PIM 30: Eligibility for Leave, Health Care, and Retirement Benefits

Dated: Aug. 11, 1999

Category: Benefits

Contact: Benefits Manager – ext. 0649


UNC Charlotte Policy Statement #102.4, Annual Sick Leave for Faculty Members
UNC Charlotte Policy Statement #102.7, Personnel Policies for Designated Employment Exempt from the State Personnel Act
UNC Charlotte Policy Statement #102.9, Senior Academic and Administrative Officers
North Carolina State Personnel Manual, Section 5
Medical General Statues, 135.40.2, (1)
Retirement General Statues, 135-.1 (10) and 135-5.1


Entitlement to leave, health care, and retirement benefits requires that the employee have a permanent (or probationary) appointment to an established position for a specified minimum term and a specified minimum number of hours each workweek.

Health Care Benefits

The University provides health care benefits to employees who are employed in a permanent job position on a recurring basis and who work 30 or more hours per week for nine or more months per calendar year.

Retirement System

a. Employees of the University who work in a permanent job position on a recurring basis and who work at least 30 hours a week for 9 months per year become members of the Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System (TSERS) on their date of employment. Faculty members and Senior Academic or Administrative Officers have an option of joining the Optional Retirement Program.

b. Employees on “F” or “J” visa status are not eligible to participate in the Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Program.

c. Temporary or part-time employees may not become members of the Retirement System or join the Optional Retirement Program.


a. The University provides leave entitlement to employees who are employed in permanent job positions and work at least halftime (20 hours per week). Part-time employees receive pro-rated benefits. Leave accrual rates vary depending on the category of employment (See PIM-11, Leave Accrual Rates).

b. The nine-month teaching faculty receive leave according to the provisions of Policy Statement #102.6. Temporary employees receive no leave benefits.