Lunch and Learn

The Human Resources Department and the Employee Health and Wellness Committee is happy to sponsor work and life Lunch & Learn (L&L) programs for our faculty and staff presented by ComPsych Guidance Resources, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider.

The intention of these programs is to provide personal development topics that may improve an aspect of your work and/or home life.  If you are interested in receiving email notifications regarding these scheduled events please join our Google Group and/or check out for other committee events, workshops, or challenges.

Upcoming Workshops


Kids and the Internet: Becoming a Cyber-Savvy Parent 


May 4, 2022, at noon - Register Here


In a relatively short timeframe, computers have gone from being a space-age dream to an everyday reality for many people at work, home and school. Children are learning how to use computers at younger ages—many are more computer-savvy than their parents! How does a parent support the need for their children to be familiar with computers in today’s society without letting the computer dominate their child’s time?


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


Identify the benefits associated with children/teen computer usage

• Identify how computer literacy can enhance academic performance

• Describe how computers can develop social networking skills


Identify the dangers associated with children/teen computer usage

• Recognize unhealthy preoccupation with computers

• Describe how to avoid online predators

• Identify the signs of “cyber-bullying”

• Identify problems associated with access to adult content


Describe the importance of appropriate limit setting on computer use in the home

• Identify ways to open communication and build trust with your child/teen

• Identify several healthy rules for computer use

• Identify the most common online acronyms


On-Demand Resources & Training



While anxiety and stress continue to top the mental health presenting issues list, burnout has become rampant and currently represents one of the biggest corporate risks to retention and productivity. Here are some tools that can help:

Guide: Burnout and Work-Life Balance

On-Demand Training: Balancing Work and Life

On-Demand Training: Managing Staff Through Change and Stress


Past Workshops


Most of our past workshops are taped so you don't have to miss out.  Click the links below to access these workshops.