Dental Insurance

NCFlex Dental Plans


UNC Charlotte offers dental coverage through the State’s program NCFlex. MetLife Dental administers this plan. There are no waiting period, and you can save money by visiting an in-network provider. You may choose between three dental plans that cover routine checkups and other dental care: High Option, Classic Option and Low Option. These plans differ in how much you pay per period and at the time of service. More detailed information can be found on the NCFlex website.


The cost to you depends on the plan level you choose and if you cover a spouse or dependent. View the current rate information.


Permanent, full-time employees who work 30+ hours per week are eligible for this plan. Permanent, part-time employees working 20-29 hours per week are eligible for this plan.

Enrollment Deadline and Effective Date

Enrollment Deadline:

If you are newly eligible employee, or experience a qualifying life event, you must enroll 30 days from your eligibility date. If you are making elections during open enrollment, you must complete them within the designated enrollment period.

Effective Date of Coverage: Effective dates are based on the type of eligibility event.

  • Newly eligible employees: First of the month following your eligibility date
  • Qualifying life event date: Reference the NCFlex website for plan-specific details
  • Open enrollment: Jan. 1 following the open enrollment election period
Insurance Cards

Cards with a unique ID will be issued to new employees who enroll and will only be re-issued to existing participants if they transfer to a new job or make changes to their plan. If cards were not/are not received or additional cards are needed, employees can contact MetLife at 1-855-676-9441. Generic cards (without a unique ID) can be printed after logging onto (company name is NCFlex). A generic card can also be found in the dental section of Cards are only required the first time a participant visits the dentist or if they change dentists.

Deduction Frequency

Deductions for this plan occur semi-monthly (month of coverage).

How to Enroll or Make Changes

Dental Plan enrollment and changes are made through the designated online benefits system. Reference the Employee Insurance Login for instructions.

Contact Information and Resources: