Workers’ Compensation Supplemental Leave

State employees receiving temporary total disability compensation due to a work-related injury may supplement this benefit pursuant to the OSHR Workers’ Compensation policy. After the employee is placed on workers’ compensation leave, the weekly benefit may be supplemented by the use of partial sick or vacation/bonus leave earned prior to the injury in accordance with a schedule published annually by the Office of State Human Resources. Reference the Office of State Human Resources website for more details.

Employee Instructions
  • Reference communication received from UNC Charlotte’s Enterprise Risk Management to obtain the number of hours per week you are allotted to use your eligible leave accruals for the workers’ compensation supplemental leave.
    • If the employee has sufficient eligible leave balances, Payroll will run Kronos reports each pay period to capture the workers’ compensation supplemental leave entered by the supervisor to be paid.
  • If the employee does not have available leave accruals to cover the workers’ compensation supplemental leave, they can apply for consideration of Voluntary Shared Leave benefits. Reference PIM 29 Voluntary Shared Leave Program for more information.
Supervisor Instructions
  • Input WC LWOP hours weekly into Kronos, and if the employee has opted to utilize the WC Supplemental Leave (WCSL) benefit option, input the WCSL hours per the instructions below, not exceeding the allotted hours.
    • Also note: the total hours for the week should not exceed 40 hours. Ex. WC LWOP 38 hours; WCS SICK (Wkrs Comp Supp) 2 hours.
  • It is the supervisor’s responsibility to enter leave hours, not to exceed the number of hours allotted. Please reference this FAQ for assistance on submitting time off on behalf of the employee.
  • Refer to the Kronos instructions below for specific leave-type options.
Kronos Instructions

The supervisor is responsible for entering the workers’ compensation supplemental leave hours on behalf of the employee in Kronos each week using these specific leave types based on available and eligible leave.

  1. Login to Kronos.
  2. Submit a time off request on behalf of the employee. See this FAQ.
  3. Select one of the following leave types* to use for the workers’ comp supplemental entry.
    • WCS BONREG (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • WCS BONSAL (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • WCS BONSPL (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • WCS SHARED BONUS FAMILY (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • WCS SHARED SICK FAMILY (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • WCS SHARED VAC FAMILY (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • WCS SHARED VAC NON-FAMILY (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • WCS SICK (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • WCS VACATION (Wkrs Comp Supp)
    • *NOTE: There must be an available balance to use in the parent category. For example, to use WCS VACATION (Wkrs Comp Supp) you must have an available balance in VACATION.
  4. Use the Partial Day Bulk option for the Request Type and input the total number of hours to be used. (i.e. 1 hour, 2 hours)
  5. Leave a comment (optional).
  6. Submit the request for approval.
  7. Approve the request for the employee as normal.


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