Sick Leave

If you are feeling unwell or need to attend a medical appointment, UNC Charlotte encourages you to make uses of your accrued sick leave.

Leave Overview

Sick Leave is credited to eligible employees who are in pay status (working, on paid leave or on workers’ compensation leave) for one-half or more of the regularly scheduled workdays and holidays in the pay period in accordance with the provisions outlined below.

Eligible Employees

Full-time permanent, probationary and time-limited SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty and EHRA 12-month Faculty employees are eligible for leave. Part-time (half-time or more) permanent, probationary and time-limited employees are eligible for leave at a prorated amount. Temporary and part-time (less than half-time) are not eligible for leave. 9-month Faculty members earn no annual or sick leave.

Leave Accrual Rates

Eligible full-time employees accrue sick time at a rate of 8 hours a month for a total of 96 hours (12 days) per year.


Sick Leave is cumulative indefinitely.

Using Sick Leave

Sick leave may be used for:

  • Illness or injury
  • medical appointments
  • temporary disability due to childbirth
  • to care for member of immediate family (including care for mother during temporary disability)
  • death in immediate family
  • adoption of a child, limited to a maximum of 30 days for each parent (which is equivalent to a biological mother’s average period of disability)

To use Sick Leave, make a request in Kronos WFR under the category SICK.

Unused Sick Leave Upon Separation

Unused Sick Leave:

  • will not be paid in terminal leave
  • may be applied toward retirement if eligible to retire within five years.

Reference the NC Office of Human Resources Policy for more information on how to handle Sick Leaved upon separation and reinstatement.