Position Management

As a state entity, the University of North Carolina System is subject to the North Carolina Human Resources Act (the Act) and its various provisions. Based on principal job functions, some University positions are subject to the Act and are referred to as SHRA, while others are exempt from the Act and referred to as EHRA.

  • Subject to the Human Resources Act (SHRA) positions are governed by the Office of State Human Resources, therefore subject to the North Carolina Human Resources Act and its various provisions.
  • Exempt from the Human Resources Act (EHRA) Staff positions are largely exempted from coverage under the State Human Resources Act and fall under the UNC System Office policies and procedures governing body. These positions deliver the core-mission activities of the University: creating and disseminating knowledge through direct instruction, research and public service; or performing professional-level duties that are integral to, and uniquely supportive of, that work. EHRA positions are classified into one of two categories: Senior Academic & Administrative Officers (SAAO) or Instructional, Research and Information Technology (IRIT) Personnel.
    • Agreements between the UNC System Office and the Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) have granted delegation authority for establishing IRIT positions to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
    • Authority has not been delegated to individual campuses for positions in the SAAO category. For a position to be established or reclassified as SAAO, a request must be submitted by a campus Chancellor (or the chief HR officer, if authorized as the Chancellor’s designee) to the System Office. Our IRIT positions are reviewed by the UNC-SO on an annual basis.

About Compensation and Positions Management

The Compensation and Position Management Office provides consultative advice for, and analysis of, EHRA/SHRA staff position classification and salary administration actions and/or projects. In this regard, office staff collaborates with division heads and/or departmental directors/supervisors regarding appropriate position classifications and salary determinations based upon distribution of labor and relevant job factors. Additionally, this office serves an advocate for the University in its interactions as principal liaison to the NC Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) and the UNC System Office.