Learning and Organizational Development


Welcome to Human Resources Learning and Organizational Development. Our team serves faculty and staff at UNC Charlotte by hosting Staff New Employee Orientation and Onboarding, offering specialized certification programs such as LEAD, ASPIRE and PAC and providing customized training solutions to meet the needs of Charlotte's workforce. As part of Learning and Organizational Development, our team also supports the Human Resources Staff Awards and Recognition Program.

How to Contact US

  • For all inquiries related to the Learning & Development Portal, customer care issues and general LOD inquiries, please email hrtraining@uncc.edu 
  • For all inquiries related to the Human Resources Staff Awards and Recognition Program email staff-recognition@uncc.edu

The Learning & Development Portal

Please visit the Learning & Development Portal where you can register for leadership, professional and skill development sessions.

When visiting the Learning & Development Portal, you will be able to:

  • Browse our calendar of offerings
  • Register for sessions
  • Search for thousands of on-demand pieces of training such as eCourses, eBooks and more
  • Access FAQs
  • Learn more about special programs such as Onboarding, LEAD, ASPIRE and Professional Administrator Certification (PAC)
  • Engage with the campus community through quality leadership, professional and skills development sessions 


To offer opportunities for faculty and staff by increasing training, professional and leadership development in efforts to strengthen employee effectiveness and contribute to staff advancement.


To increase the value of UNC Charlotte as a great place to work and learn by offering customer-centric learning and development experiences to faculty and staff. 


Accountability – We accept and expect ownership for performance, decisions and results

Change leadership – We influence, equip, and enthuse others to embrace change

Effective Communication – We provide clear and deliberate messaging that promotes transparency, understanding and alignment between speaker and audience

Empowerment – We share knowledge and authority for others to act autonomously

Innovation – We leverage new technology, methods and ideas to maximize efficient and effective operations

Proficiency – We promote mastery of knowledge, skills and abilities to encourage lifelong learning and increase the value of UNC Charlotte as a great place to work and learn. 

Meet the LOD Team