Educational Benefits

UNC Charlotte offers many options for college-level coursework. Employees in full-time, permanent positions are granted three tuition waivers per academic year. Departments can choose to fund Academic Assistance for qualifying education, and there is a scholarship fund just for staff members.

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If… From… Then…

You want to take up to three courses within the academic year

from any of the 17 campuses within the UNC System  Use the Tuition Waiver program. 

You have exhausted your Tuition Waivers, but want to take additional work-related classes within the academic year

from any of the 17 campuses within the UNC System and/or other  accredited community colleges, colleges or universities Use the Academic Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement) program.

You want to take work-related course(s)

accredited community colleges, colleges or universities Use the  Academic Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement) program. 

Tuition Waiver           

The Tuition Waiver program is available to employees who are in permanent positions and regularly scheduled to work 30 hours or more each week, 9 months of the year or longer.  Tuition Waivers may be used to cover tuition expenses for up to three courses an academic year (spring, summer and fall semesters) at any of the 17 schools within the UNC system.

Academic Assistance

(Tuition Reimbursement)

The Academic Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement) program provides reimbursement of academic costs by the employee's department if funds are available and courses are approved as work-related. Work-related courses completed at accredited community colleges/colleges/ universities via traditional classroom, video-based, distance learning, web-based, eLearning and certain correspondence courses may be reimbursed upon successful completion using the Academic Assistance program. 

For additional policy information including eligibility requirements click here.

Scholarship Fund The Janet B. Royster (JBR) Memorial Staff Scholarship Fund was created in August of 2011 by the UNC Staff Assembly in memory of UNC-TV employee Janet B. Royster.


The Tuition Waiver program enables eligible employees to have the tuition waived for courses taken at UNC Charlotte or any of the other schools in the UNC System. Use the links below to learn more about this valuable benefit.

FAQs About Tuition Waiver

Tuition Waiver Guide

Tuition Waiver Policies

UNC Program and Degree Finder

The purpose of the Academic Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement) program is for workforce planning and development. It provides a tool for managers and employees to support academic activities that directly relate to the organization’s identified knowledge, skills, and behaviors (organizational competencies), and which support the mission, vision, and values of the organization. The academic assistance program is not an employee benefit, right or entitlement; it is a management program for workforce development.  Utilization of the academic assistance program shall be identified, described, and documented in the employee’s individual development plan. This provides a measurable link between the employee’s increased competency and the agency’s workforce planning efforts. The academic assistance program provides reimbursement of academic costs if funds are available at the department level.
OSHR Academic Assistance Policy
Application for Academic Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement)
2018-2019 Ceiling Rates

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