Learning and Organizational Development

Helping employees expand their knowledge through learning opportunities is important to UNC Charlotte. UNC Charlotte’s Office of Learning and Organizational Development provides individual and organizational learning opportunities by using training programs pertaining to customer service and continuous improvement, as well as increasing strategic perspective and integrity among UNC Charlotte employees.

Faculty development resources can be found on the Provost’s website.

Our Mission

To cultivate partnerships and provide a strategic selection of individual and organizational development opportunities for all UNC Charlotte employees. We support continuous improvement by promoting an organizational culture that values and aligns with the Institutional Goals.

Our Values

Accountability – We accept and expect ownership for performance, decisions and results.

Change leadership – We influence, equip, and enthuse others to embrace change.

Effective Communication – We provide clear and deliberate messaging that promotes transparency, understanding and alignment between speaker and audience.

Empowerment – We share knowledge and authority for others to act autonomously.

Innovation – We leverage new technology, methods and ideas to maximize efficient and effective operations.

Proficiency – We promote mastery of knowledge, skills and abilities to encourage lifelong learning and increase the value of UNC Charlotte as a great place to work and learn.