Richard Caswell Award

Left to right: Deon Richie (2022 award recipient) Chancellor Sharon L. Gaber)

The Richard Caswell Award Program, established in January 1998, for state employees with 45 or more years of service, is designed to acknowledge and express appreciation for noteworthy extended dedicated service. An appropriate statewide or agency-level ceremony is conducted annually for eligible employees.

The Office of State Human Resources administers the program. The Employee Recognition Committee serves in an advisory role to the Office of State Human Resources Employee Recognition Program staff.

Like the winners of his namesake award, Richard Caswell dedicated most of his adult life to North Carolina. He started his career as the clerk of courts in Orange County before becoming active in the military during the Revolution. He served as governor from 1776 – 1780 and then again from 1784 – 1787, acting as state controller in between the two terms. Caswell served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 and then served as a state senator until his death at age 60.

Please visit the Office of State Human Resources website to view the policy associated with this award.