Join Headspace Care’s workshop on the power of presence

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The Power of Presence: Be in the moment and cultivate gratitude signage

Do you ever feel like you’re running on autopilot or moving through your days feeling distracted? Life can come at us fast, especially toward the end of the year. Learn to cultivate a presence of mind that allows you to show up more, approach life differently and access a sense of gratitude.

On Thursday, Nov. 16, Headspace Care (formerly Ginger) is hosting a live workshop on how to be present in your life and cultivate gratitude, no matter the circumstance. Join to learn strategies about how to ground yourself in presence and tips to better show up with a sense of gratefulness for ourselves and the people around us.

There are two sessions you can choose from:

  • Session 1: Noon ET
  • Session 2: 8 p.m. ET

You can find more details and register here: