Staff Employee of the Year Nomination Process

Nominations for the 2023 Staff Employee of the Year closed at 5 p.m., Friday, March 17, 2023.

All permanent SHRA and EHRA staff members with two or more years of continuous service (at the time of nomination) are eligible to be nominated for the 20232 Staff Employee of the Year. An exception may be considered if an employee with less than two years of service has engaged in an act of safety/heroism as defined below. Further information about eligibility can be found in PIM 44 and Policy Statement 101.11.

All nominations must be reviewed and approved by the supervisor and department head, who will sign off first, before moving forward to their vice chancellor. After the nomination form is completed with all written recommendations, signatures and comments, it is submitted online through Google Forms.

All submitted nominations should include the following for consideration:

  • A written recommendation (total length not to exceed 2 pages with 11-point font and 0.5" margins)
  • A completed 2023 Staff Employee of the Year Nomination Signatures Form
    • Note: Please provide a copy of the recommendation to any person who you are requesting to sign the signatures form so that they are aware of the name of the nominee and the reason(s) for nomination.
  • A completed nomination application through Google Forms with the Nomination Signatures Form and written recommendation uploaded in the appropriate space
    • Note: The nominator will gather signatures for the first three areas of the signatures form before uploading it to the Google Form
  • Optional department comments
  • Optional additional supporting documentation