EHRA Staff Appraisal Now Open

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As part of our ongoing commitment to performance management, the EHRA Staff Appraisal program is now open in NinerTalent for Supervisors to complete your employee(s) appraisal/evaluation!

Important Reminders

  • 9-month faculty members: Please prioritize completing these appraisals before you depart for your well-deserved summer break.
  • The EHRA Staff Performance Cycle began on July 1, 2023, and it will conclude on June 30, 2024. All NinerTalent process steps are due to be completed by June 30, 2024.

Process Steps

  • Supervisor Release: Supervisors, please note that you will need to release the appraisal to the employee for review and acknowledgment. This step allows you time to gather any necessary approvals and schedule your meeting with the employee
  • Employee Portal Check: If you notice any missing employees in your NinerTalent Employee Portal’s ‘Action Items’ box (also known as the ‘Home’ screen), or if there are individuals who should not be there, kindly notify us at so we can promptly address the issue.

Employee Self-Appraisal Option

Getting Started with Your Appraisal

  • Refer to the NinerTalent Supervisor Guide (pages 12-22) for step-by-step navigation.
  • Read the instructions at the top of each appraisal tab to ensure accurate completion.
  • Utilize the progress notes section in your portal to upload any desired performance documentation (e.g., employee self-appraisal, supporting materials, Next Level Approvals). Remember to click ‘save draft’ before accessing the attachments link (see Supervisor Guide, pages 10-13).

Rating Considerations

  • An employee should not receive an overall rating of “exceeding expectations” if they have any individual ratings of “not meeting expectations” in the appraisal.

Completion and PDF Saving

  • After clicking the “complete” button, a green bar will confirm that the evaluation has been marked as complete.
  • A red bar will appear if any form requirements are unmet. Correct any errors promptly.
  • To save your appraisal document as a PDF, click the blue ‘actions’ button and select ‘print’. You can also perform this action during the ‘release appraisal to employee’ step (see Guide, pp. 18-20).

Edits and Reopening

  • If you need to make changes or attach additional documents after completing your appraisal, reopen it via the ‘release appraisal to employee’ action (see Guide, pg. 21).
  • For assistance, request the reopening of the supervisor appraisal task by emailing Please include “request to reopen supervisor appraisal task” in the subject line and the employee’s full name in the email body for a swift response.

Learning and Development Portal

STAKES Resources

Thank you for your dedication to the appraisal process. Should you have any questions regarding STAKES Performance Management actions,  please reach out to the Performance Management team at or call ext.: 70660.