Employee Self-Appraisal – Opens March 1

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Complete Your Self-Appraisal

SHRA employees are encouraged to log into their UNC Charlotte Employee Portal (aka NinerTalent) and get started on their Self-Appraisal, which opens today, March. The appraisal is due on March 31.


The Employee Self-Appraisal gives SHRA employees the opportunity to reflect on their performance strengths, weaknesses, goals and training needs or desires. It also allows their supervisors to see the employees’ performance from their perspective.

Employees’ insight into their performance and upcoming goals can be valuable to their supervisor when rating their performance and developing their performance plan for the upcoming cycle. So, SHRA employees are encouraged to be thoughtful in their responses.

Tools and Resources

Learn some tips on how to write an effective self-appraisal and how to enter the self-appraisal in NinerTalent by viewing the attached videos and guide below.

Probationary Employees

Probationary employees who began their employment with the University and state on or after Oct. 1, 2023, will be excluded from this annual appraisal process. However, it is still a good idea to think about, document, and discuss their goals for the 2024-25 performance cycle with their supervisor. The goal ideas could be included in their performance plan.

Transfer Employees

If an SHRA employee changed positions prior to February 2024, their current supervisor will be responsible for completing their annual appraisal.

If they are changing positions in February or March 2024, their former supervisor will complete their annual performance appraisal. While they will have access to their appraisal in NinerTalent, they will not have access to view it. Employees are asked to print/save the Employee Self-Appraisal as a PDF and email it to their former supervisor so they can take the self-assessment into account when completing their appraisal.

Questions? Let’s Connect.

If you have questions or concerns surrounding this process or navigating the NinerTalent STAKES performance management system, please contact Cherifa Ouedraogo, HR Consultant of Performance Management at 704-687-0660 or NT-Stakes@Charlotte.edu.