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The NinerTalent system has undergone a change for those with initiator access. The system has changed from a work-unit scope to personal scope for initiators. This means that initiators will now have access only to the positions and postings they directly supervise. Please note that any action that was already created will still be accessible by the person who initiated it. For more information, please visit:



Ongoing training options will continued to be offered, including live workshops, open computer lab training, online eLearning, and specialized training for campus organizations. 
Training Information

User Guides

Detailed user guides are available for each module within NinerTalent. These guides cover SPA, EPA Staff, and Faculty positions.
Detailed User Guides

User Roles

NinerTalent has three user groups: initiator, approver, and temp hire manager. Each user has different responsibilities in NinerTalent.
User Roles and Responsibilities

Workflow Diagrams

Workflow diagrams are available for each position type that explain the process for each module.
Workflow Diagrams

There is a wealth of supplemental information available through the Help tab in NinerTalent and this website to assist you with navigating NinerTalent.