Professional and Soft Skills Development

Centralized Location for the Campus to Access Leadership, Professional and Skills Development Opportunities 

UNC Charlotte has partnered with Cornerstone On Demand, a leading global provider of talent management software, to implement a new robust learning management system that will improve our ability to develop, engage and retain top talent. The Learning & Development Portal is the go-to place to find and track all the training opportunities available to you—virtual, face-to-face and online learning—all in a single centralized location. 

Select one of the online learning modules below for an overview of how to navigate the new system for learners and managers. 

  1. The Learner webinar is designed for individuals who participate in professional development. Learning & Development Portal Webinar for Learners

  2. The Manager and Learner webinar is designed for individuals who participate in professional development AND have direct reports. Learning & Development Portal Webinar for Managers

Benefits of the Learning & Development Portal

  • All Sessions are programmed annually to the Learning & Development Portal calendar with over 300 unique offerings available to faculty and staff in 2022
  • Campus-specific sessions are facilitated by campus subject matter experts; external training is facilitated by certified learning and organizational development staff  
    • Most sessions are free of charge; sessions that are cost-associated are usually provided by an external vendor such as Covey®, Hersey-Blanchard@, Wiley@ or another industry-leading educational content provider
    • Sessions include a description, SHRA Institutional Goal alignment, subject and objective and can be specifically applied to annual performance plan creation for SHRA employees 
  • Full campus certificate programs are available free of charge for Charlotte's workforce such as LEAD, ASPIRE, PAC, Grants and Contracts Administration and more
  • Learners can search for training using the search bar located in the Learning & Development Portal 
    • Using the search feature also connects the learner to thousands of eLearning courses, eBooks and other on-demand pieces of training 
  • Sessions and the search option support opportunities for faculty and staff to increase training, professional and leadership development opportunities in efforts to strengthen employee effectiveness and contribute to staff advancement
  • Sessions and the search option support efforts to increase the value of UNC Charlotte as a great place to work and learn through a customer-centric approach to experiential learning 
  • All training completed at UNC Charlotte is located on the learning transcript for each employee
  • Supervisors can assign training to their direct reports using the view team option on their own individual learning transcript 

Recognizing the benefits of a developed workforce, Learning and Organizational Development offers a rich selection of professional development opportunities to UNC Charlotte employees, management and leadership.  We partner with faculty and staff within the University as we endeavor to provide cutting-edge, world-class customer service and training to assist in and contribute to employee effectiveness and staff advancement. 

Learning & Development Portal