Information for Parents

The ‘university experience’ presents a wide variety of learning opportunities for your young adult. Whether classroom, social, or work-related, these opportunities represent huge steps in your young adult’s developmental processes in becoming an educated, functional, independent, and responsible member of the community. As a parent, you can play an important role in facilitating your young adult’s successful growth and development. Your best contribution as a parent may be made – not by managing your young adult’s educational, social, or work-life – but by helping him/her understand the tasks and responsibilities associated with success as a student or employee, and coaching them for effective, yet independent, problem resolution. Please keep in mind that their ‘university experiences’ are much more than educational, social, or professional preparation—they are lessons in 'life'.

Please refer to the information below if your young adult intends to pursue on-campus employment opportunities:

  •  The University Career Center (Atkins 150) serves as the student’s point of reference for student employment information. On-campus student job opportunities are listed here.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to seek, and secure, any/all on-campus employment opportunities. Full engagement in the job search process provides a valuable learning experience.  

  • On-campus employment is both convenient and a limited commodity. If interested, your young adult should initiate the job search process early and explore all possible avenues to secure employment opportunities. On-campus student employment opportunities serve as valuable building blocks in support of future job searches.  

  • If your young adult intends to pursue on-campus employment, he/she must present proof of identification and United States employment eligibility by providing the following information: for example an unexpired US passport; or a government-issued photo ID and their original Social Security Card, or official birth certificate. Please ensure that your young adult is provided access to all necessary forms of identification and that they fully understand the significance of safeguarding personal information.  We cannot accept photocopies or pictures of their documents. 

  • The University strongly encourages the use of direct deposit as the most effective and efficient means of payment for services rendered. Please ensure your young adult is provided access to, and/or informed of, all personal bank account information and that he/she can provide a voided check at the time of hire. 

  • On-campus jobs are similar to any other type of employment. Students are expected to arrive for work as scheduled and to perform all work assignments as directed by their supervisor. Repeated failure to meet expected standards may result in termination of the work assignment. 

Note: The Student Employment Office is prohibited, by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), from discussing any specific information about individual students with third-party sources, including parents, without written consent from the student.