About EHRA Performance

Any employee who is in an EHRA status as of the first full week in January, of the current cycle, needs to receive an EHRA Appraisal for the current performance cycle which begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year.

The Regulations on Annual Performance Appraisals for EHRA Non-Faculty now requires the use of a standard performance appraisal instrument which includes an overall performance rating of not meeting expectations, meeting expectations, or exceeding expectations.

All appraisals are due to be complete in Ninertalent by July 31.

*Note:The employee will receive an email of the submitted form, which they will then have to forward to you for your records.

  • We are not currently requiring that you submit performance plans to Human Resources.   However, it is important that you communicate your performance expectations to your employee(s), including professional development activities. Of course, documentation is always recommended.  A word document has been provided for your convenience.