Starting a Departmental Recognition Program

Proper planning can ensure the success of your program. Failing to execute your recognition program can have extremely negative effects on your team. Take the time to properly plan your program then follow through with your plan, adjusting and updating as needed.

  • Utilize the training and research resources available to you. Visit the resource link in the sidebar to get started.
  • Brainstorm with your team to ensure that you choose the right type of recognition for your employees
  • Develop criteria: Think about what contributions should be recognized. What does your team value? Contributions to consider are working overtime, covering and assisting with a coworker’s job duties, volunteering to take on additional duties, or creating positive work environment.
  • Choose a goal and an anticipated outcome for your program
  • Decide what outlets you will use to communicate the program to your team. Scheduling a meeting, posting a flyer, or sending emails are all options to consider.