How To Login

Go to

You need to click the green link that says "Click here to log in with your UNC Charlotte NinerNet credentials" (shown below) to access NinerTalent with your NinerNET credentials.  

Result:  The UNC Charlotte Web Authentication page opens.

Enter your NinerNET credentials. 

If it does not log you in, clear your browser history and cache.  Then close all of your open browser windows, and try again. 

If you are using Google Chrome for your Google Mail and Calendar, we recommend using Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Safari for NinerTalent.  That way, if you do have to clear your browser history and cache, you will not have to close your email and calendar.

One other note, if you have cleared your browser history and cache and closed all of your windows but still cannot get in, try doing that again and putting after your NinerNET ID. 

Contact for help with login issues.