About SHRA Performance


This STAKES program was developed to effectively implement the SHRA Performance Appraisal Policy, which was revised in April 2016.  The program provides tools and resources to help both supervisors and employees set meaningful performance goals and promote more ongoing, two-way communication regarding these goals.  It also includes policy standards for evaluating performance so that ratings are applied fairly and consistently across organizational units.  In implementing this program, we hope to foster an organizational environment that has a positive effect on the performance, development, and retention of our employees as well as bring about individual, unit, and University success.

The annual performance cycle begins on April 1  and ends March 31 of the following year.

 "Four Key Elements You Should Know in Performance Management"

Electronic Performance Review Process

All SHRA performance plans, off-cycle reviews and evaluations are to be submitted electronically through the NinerTalent system. User guides and other training materials, as pertains to the electronic submission of these documents, are available on the Add'l Tools and Resources tab.  Process participants - who serve as a manager and/or reviewer of an SHRA employee will need to become familiar with their respective role(s) in the electronic evaluation process.

Performance appraisals will be due on May 30th after the completion of each performance cycle.