New Employee Orientation and Onboarding

*In alignment with UNC Charlotte’s current teleworking and social distancing practices for faculty and staff, New Employee Orientation is now all in eLearning format. The content will remain the same, just formatted to accommodate remote work until the University returns to normal operations.We are not hosting bi-weekly Orientation classes and instead are sending new emloyees information each Monday Morning via their UNC Charlotte email address on how to complete the onboarding process.*

New Employee Orientation (NEO) is a 4-hour class designed to welcome new employees and introduce them to the content online in our Learning Management Portal. New employees can work at their own pace to complete the course within their first 90-days on the job. 

The Orientation class is held every other Tuesday in Colvard 5092 for all new staff (EHRA and SHRA) and adjunct faculty (who start after Faculty Orientation). The session welcomes new employees and teaches them how to navigate the Onboarding course. After a campus bus tour and a lunch break, participants have the option of attending a 2-hour Benefits Enrollment Workshop. Here, Benefits Counselors will be available to answer questions and guide employees through the benefits election process.

New Employee Onboading The New Employee Onboarding course is housed in the Learning & Development Portal. This course was built on four building blocks to prepare you to be a successful member of Niner Nation: 

  1. Compliance - learning the basic rules, policies and requirements of the UNC System and UNC Charlotte, including completion of all necessary paperwork.
  2. Clarification - learning more about your role and responsibilities, performance expectations, job-specific systems and procedures so you can effectively contribute to the university’s mission. 
  3. Culture - learning the norms for the university, how to navigate campus, our history, shared attitudes, values, goals, and the practices that characterize Niner Nation.
  4. Connection - developing relationships with the other members of Niner Nation and beginning to feel like part of the team, including engaging in formal and informal activities.

To ensure you have the information you need when it is most relevant, topics are delivered within specific increments of time:

  • Section 1: Your first 2 weeks (days 1-14) - Getting Started and Employee Benefits
  • Section 2: Your first month (days 15-30) - Safety, Security, and Mutual Respect
  • Section 3: Your second month (days 31-60) - Institutional Integrity, Ethics and Compliance
  • Section 4: Your third month (days 61-90) - Campus Services, Activities, and Opportunities
  • Section 5: One year anniversary celebration and Onboarding course evaluation

The Campus Connection events last 1-hour and are integrated throughout the course as described below. 

  1. Employees meet for a guided tour of the Popp-Martin Student Union and receive a free meal voucher for on-campus dining.
  2. Employees reconnect for a guided tour of an athletic facility (football stadium in summer 2 & fall semesters; basketball arena in spring & summer 1 semesters). Employees receive a free ticket for either a football or basketball game, depending on the current season.
  3. Employees gather for a guided tour of the Botanical Gardens
  4. Employees gather for a guided tour of Belk Gym and receive a five-day access voucher.
  5. 365-days after orientation, employees and their managers are invited to reconnect once more for a 1-year anniversary reception.

What’s Next:  New employees will be enrolled in the Learning & Development Portal Onboarding course during their first week of employment. 

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