New Employee Orientation and Onboarding

Norm pointing to the rightNew Employee Orientation (NEO) is a two-hour class designed to welcome new employees and introduce them to UNC Charlotte. New employees will receive an email one week prior to their start date with information regarding the time, date and other logisitical details of their assigned orientation session.

New Employee Orientation is held every other Tuesday in Foundation 112 for all new staff (EHRA and SHRA) and adjunct faculty (who start after Faculty Orientation). The session welcomes new employees and provides a warm introduction on why Charlotte is a great place to live, learn and work. 

The New Employee Onboarding Course is available in Learning & Development Portal and expands on three building blocks to prepare you to be a successful member of Niner Nation: 

  1. Getting Started & Campus Safety - Getting Started, Employee Perks & Benefits, Campus Safety & Security and Personal Safety & Mutual Respect
  2. Institutional Integrity, Ethics, & Compliance - Institutional Integrity, Ethics, & Compliance, Internal Audit, FERPA and Public Records
  3. Campus Services, Activities & Opportunities - Campus Connection and Engagement, Being a Part of Niner Nation, and Getting Involved in the Campus Community

New employees will be enrolled in the New Employee Onboarding Course in the Learning & Development Portal during their first week of employment. 

To ensure you have the information you need when it is most relevant, topics are delivered within specific increments of time:

  • Section 1: Your first 2 weeks (days 1-14) - Getting Started and Employee Benefits
  • Section 2: Your first month (days 15-30) - Safety, Security, and Mutual Respect
  • Section 3: Your second month (days 31-60) - Institutional Integrity, Ethics and Compliance
  • Section 4: Your third month (days 61-90) - Campus Connection and Engagement

Campus Connection Events are one-hour sessions available in the Learning & Development Portal and led by a live host who will guide new employees through each of these campus venues. 

  1. In-person or virtual tour of the Popp-Martin Student Union
  2. In-person or virtual tour of a UNC Charlotte Athletics venue
  3. In-person or virtual tourof the Botanical Gardens
  4. In-person or virtual tour of UREC

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