How much vacation time may I carry from one calendar year to the next?

On December 31 of each year, any employee with more than 240 hours of accumulated vacation leave shall have the excess accumulation (reduced by any BONSAL taken) converted to sick leave for January 1 of the next calendar year.  Reference the example below of how BONSAL will affect vacation and sick leave.

The cap of 240 hours carry over is also pro-rated for permanent part-time employees and permanent full-time employees working less than 12 months, based on their FTE.  Example FTE .50 x 240 hour cap = 120 hour cap.

EXAMPLE of how BONSAL leave will affect vacation and sick leave:

300 hours vacation balance as of Dec. 31
- 240 cap on vacation leave eligible for carry over 
 60 hours normally eligible for conversion to sick leave


60 hours normally eligible for conversion to sick leave
- 40 hours used for BONSAL 
 20 hours that will be converted to sick leave

Please note: Leave will be pro-rated based on FTE


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