Quarterly Service Awards

Staff Years of Service Quarterly Awards and Recognition

Quarterly, UNC Charlotte recognizes staff employees who reach important milestones in service to the state of North Carolina. This includes awards and recognition closer to an employee’s actual anniversary date. Employees who are eligible for a Service Recognition Award receive a credit for a dollar amount applied to their UNC Charlotte 49er Card under a special account. This credit can be used at Barnes & Noble Charlotte campus bookstore to purchase or put toward an item or items of their choice.

Quarterly recognition (based on the adjusted service dates of the employee) will be awarded according to the following schedule.

  • January to March anniversary date: awarded in April
  • April to June anniversary date: awarded in July
  • July to September anniversary date: awarded in October
  • October to December anniversary date: awarded in January 

Please review the Service Awards FAQs below and contact Learning and Organizational Development at staff-recognition@charlotte.edu if you have questions about service awards.

Service Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Recipients will receive a special certificate and letter of appreciation if recognized that quarter, as well as a dollar amount (based on their years of service), applied to their 49er Card. Recipients will receive notification in their UNC Charlotte email congratulating them on their years of service and providing them with instructions on how to use 49er Card credit at the Barnes & Noble Charlotte on campus bookstore.
  • 5 Years = $20
  • 10 Years = $35
  • 15 Years = $50
  • 20 Years = $75
  • 25 Years = $100
  • 30+ Years = $125
Active, permanent EHRA and SHRA staff members will be recognized for reaching service milestones in five-year increments, starting at five years of service.
Permanent staff members who have worked at any state agency or state university in North Carolina are granted service credit by month, as long as they worked half or more of the days of any given month. Prior employment as a temporary, student worker, graduate assistant, etc., is not included.
Unfortunately, no. The funds are applied to your 49er Card and may only be used on campus at Barnes & Noble Charlotte.
Your credit will be valid toward any tangible item at Barnes & Noble Charlotte on campus. The credit cannot be used to purchase gift cards. The credit may also be applied toward the purchase of items that cost more than the award amount. If an employee wants an item that is not in open stock (such as particular trade book titles, jewelry, etc.) they are encouraged to ask the Barnes & Noble Charlotte manager if it may be ordered.
Any unused credit awarded for quarterly recognition of service milestones will be unavailable on or after the date listed in the notification email. Once credit has surpassed the availability date, it cannot be reissued for that particular milestone award. Cashback or cash refunds are not available options.
An expiration date will be shared in an email notification sent to your UNC Charlotte email regarding the service award. Only active employees of the University can use their 49er Card credit. If an employee leaves the University prior to the award expiration date and the exhaustion of funds, the credit will no longer be valid.
Yes, employees are welcome to use all credit available to purchase multiple items as desired. Employees who exceed the available credit on their 49er Card are welcome to use personal funds to complete the transaction. Please do the following when using the credit on your 49er ID card:
  • Let the cashier know this is a service award when you are purchasing items, and
  • Please tell the cashier if you have to split the payment (meaning that you will also be using some personal method of payment) or the transaction may come back as insufficient funds.
Yes, applicable taxes will be applied to purchases.
Replacement cards are available at the Meal Plans/49er Card Office in the Popp Martin Student Union. There is a $20 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.
Since credit has been added to a special account attached to your 49er ID card, you can always check and verify your available balance here.
For questions related to the content on this webpage or information regarding the staff recognition programs, please email staff-recognition@charlotte.edu.