EHRA Non-Faculty Special Payments

There are circumstances where an EHRA Non-Faculty employee will be eligible for additional compensation.

The descriptions below outline the situations where this might occur. In each of these situations, the assignment must be approved by human resources before the work is completed. 

Teaching a course for credit

EHRA Non-Faculty employees are allowed to teach up to two courses per fall and spring semesters and one course per summer sessions, with written approval from their supervisor. These assignments are processed through the EPAF system. In the EPAF comment section the course name and number should be listed, along with the time the course is offered. If courses are offered during the regular work day, Human Resources will need documentation explaining specifically when those hours will be made up.

Temporary duties in current position

EHRA Non-Faculty employees are occasionally asked to take on additional duties in their regular job. This could be serving in an interim role, taking on a special project outside of the scope of their normal duties, or covering for an employee who is out on leave. These duties must be outside of the scope of their normal duties, and performed within their home department on a temporary basis. These assignments are processed through NinerTalent as a “modify position description” action. Compensation for these assignments should not be communicated with the employee until the action has been approved by Human Resources. These assignments are processed on a PD7.

Assignment outside current position

These assignments would be work that is outside the scope of the employees current job, outside of their home department, and performed outside of normal work hours. These assignments require consultation with human resources before any work is performed, or compensation is communicated with the employee. Please contact Sarah Ekis at for consultation.


Contact Sarah Ekis at if you need to process a Special Payment for an EHRA Non-Faculty employee and have questions.