NinerTalent is the talent management software used by the University to efficiently manage position descriptions, the hiring process, and employee performance. This software was originally implemented at UNC Charlotte in 2005 as the Human Resources Management System  (HRMS). In July 2015, the system was upgraded and rebranded as NinerTalent.

System Modules:

NinerTalent has three modules, or sections, that are used to manage position descriptions, the hiring process, and employee performance. The Position Management module lays the foundation for all personnel actions. Once positions are established, Applicant Tracking can be used to initiate and complete the hiring process. Once positions are filled, employee effectiveness/progress is managed through the Performance Management module. The two modules related to Compensation and Position Management are Position Management and Performance Management. 

Position Management: 

This module is used to create new position descriptions, or to make changes to existing position descriptions. There are two menu items in this module: position descriptions and classifications. Under position descriptions you can view, modify, or update position descriptions. Under classifications you can review all approved classifications. This is primarily used for temporary positions.

Performance Management: 

This module is accessed to initiate, modify, or track work plans, and to complete performance evaluations. This module has one menu item: programs. A program is the type of evaluation that a manager is required to complete for an employee, depending on the employment status of the incumbent. The programs include annual, probationary, and exit evaluations.

User Guides:

Human Resources has created comprehensive user guides and how-to videos that provide step-by-step instruction on how to manage positions and performance.

How to Login:

Click here to login to NinerTalent using your NinerNET credentials.