EHRA Non-Faculty Position Management

EHRA Non-Faculty positions fall into two categories: (1) Senior Academic and Administrative Officers (SAAO); and (2) Instructional, Research, and Information Technology (IRIT) positions. In order for a position to be EHRA, it must fall into one of these categories. For more information on these categories please click here to reference the EHRA Designation Guide.

All position actions have to be routed through NinerTalent, however if you are looking to create a new position please complete the EHRA analysis tool and contact our office before entering the information into NinerTalent. We require that an current and accurate position description be on file for all EHRA Non-Faculty positions in NinerTalent.

For assistance with NinerTalent please reference the EHRA Non-Faculty Position Management User Guide, or contact Sarah Ekis at 704-687-1433 or

NinerTalent Quick Reference Guides:

Creating a New Position Description

How to Modify a Position Description

Components of a Position Description

How to view your position

Customizing Searches in NinerTalent

Running Reports in NinerTalent


User Guides:

EHRA Non-Faculty Position Management User Guide