COVID-19 Leave Bank

Human Resources Guidance for COVID-19 Leave Bank

The new guidance from the UNC System Office also allows for the opportunity for institutions to create a “leave bank” so employees can donate leave to colleagues who cannot work due to COVID-19 but who have exhausted their accrued leave, similar to the voluntary shared leave program. Unlike the voluntary shared leave program, donations for this new program are made to a leave bank, not to individual recipients. The donations will be equitably distributed to all employees who meet eligibility criteria as noted below.

Eligible Uses


a.  Leave from the COVID-19 Leave Bank may be applied to absences due to the employee being unable to telework due to the nature of their position.

b. Leave from the COVID-19 Leave Bank may also be applied to absences due to ongoing child/elder care needs due to COVID-19-related child/elder care closings.

c.  Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, employees may also receive this leave if they have exhausted all other leave options and cannot telework or report to work on site because they:

  • Have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person in the last 14 days

  • Received instructions to isolate or quarantine by a health department or health care providers

  • Have COVID-19 symptoms and are seeking medical diagnosis or has been diagnosed with COVID-19

Time-Frame/Duration of Program

c.  COVID-19 Leave Bank is effective July 1 for absences on or after July 2020. 

d.  The program is subject to the continuance of the current public health emergency, and the end date of the program has been extended from Dec. 31, 2020 to June 30, 2021 unless otherwise extended or rescinded.

Employee Eligibility

e.  Only permanent, leave-earning EHRA and SHRA employees (including probationary and time-limited) employees are eligible to donate leave to or receive leave from the COVID-19 Leave Bank program.

f.  Employees must have exhausted all COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave (PAL), accrued personal leave (vacation, bonus, sick) and any paid time off (e.g., comp time, floating Labor Day holiday) before becoming eligible to receive leave from the COVID-19 Leave Bank.

g.  Employees are absent for the eligible uses above.

h.  Donations to and receipt from this leave bank are available only to and from employees within UNC Charlotte; leave exchanges with employees at other institutions/agencies are not permitted.

Donation Parameters

Vacation, **Sick and ***BONREG leave are all eligible to be donated to the COVID-19 Leave Bank  within the following limits:

Total combined amount that can be donated:

  • Minimum Hours: 8

  • *Maximum Hours: 240

Note: Regardless of the nature of the leave donated -- sick, vacation or BONREG -- it all goes to one leave bank pool to be used for either of the eligible situations listed above. For example, sick leave that is donated to this leave bank pool could be used for employees who cannot telework due to the nature of their jobs, after they have exhausted their own leave balances. 

 *For employees separating/retiring, contributions may exceed the maximum.

** Advisory Note: A member of the TSERS with an earned sick leave balance receives an additional month of retirement service credit for each 20 days or portion thereof. The sick leave counts as creditable service at the calculation of the retirement benefit. *For employees separating/retiring, contributions may exceed the maximum.

*** BONSAL and BONSPL are not eligible to be donated

Receipt Parameters

Amount that can be received through June 30*

  • Minimum Hours: 1

  • *Maximum Hours: 240

Amount of hrs that can be applied in a single bi-weekly pay period

  • Minimum Hours: 1

  • *Maximum Hours: 40

i.  Unlike voluntary share leave, any unused COVID-19 leave donations cannot be retained by the recipient employee beyond June 30, 2021 (or program end date, whichever is sooner) and must be returned (evenly distributed to donors not to exceed the original donation amount). *Unless Leave Bank Program is rescinded prior to June 30, 2021.

j.  All donations must be made to the leave bank, not to individual recipients. The donations are equitably distributed to all employees who meet eligibility not to exceed the limit.

k.  Donations collected will be applied to eligible recipients as soon as possible within the payroll processing time period.

Donation Process

Human Resources will send reminder communications to UNC Charlotte employees requesting donations.

 An employee interested in donating leave, will need to complete the UNC Charlotte COVID-19 Leave Bank Donation Form. Eligible leave donations will be subtracted from the donor’s Kronos account within the first two weeks of the following month.

Application Process

Individuals who are in need of donated leave for eligible uses in 2021 can apply for the leave bank, if they have exhausted all leave available.  Complete the COVID-19 Leave Bank Request Form for consideration of the leave bank.  The benefits office will review forms received and respond with additional guidance.


COVID-19 Leave Bank questions - / 704-687-8134 

Timekeeping/leave entries assistance - / 704-687-6110