Changes to Community Service Leave (CSL) due to COVID-19

The following leave provisions have been extended through June 30, 2021.

CSL for COVID-related volunteering

Permanent employees who wish to volunteer time with non-profit organizations on COVID-19 activities may use up to 80 hours of expanded Community Service Leave. The CSL for COVID-related volunteering are counted separately from the employee’s regular allocation of CSL. 

Process to request CSL for COVID- related volunteering

If you would like to participate in CSL for COVID-19-related volunteering in 2021, you will need to email your supervisor detailing your volunteer work and include the name of the non-profit organization. After receiving approval from your supervisor, you need to forward the email to The Benefits Office will then follow up with more guidance.

CSL for Literacy, Tutoring, Mentoring and Related School Activities

Separate from the 80 hours of CSL for COVID-related volunteering mentioned above, the expanded provision for CSL for Literacy, Tutoring, Mentoring and Related School Activities is being extended for 2021.  Employees can request to change from the 24 hours of regular Community Service Leave to the 36 hours of Literacy, Tutoring, and Mentoring Community Service Leave (CSL) to support children in a virtual or partially in-person academic setting. Hours used during the work week may vary but cannot exceed the 36 hours allowed under policy. This additional CSL provides expanded opportunities to use leave in virtual environments for school-related activities, including tutoring for employee’s own children and/or child cohorts for planned/virtual school activities, and more flexible arrangements for mentoring hours each week. 

Process to request a change from the regular 24 hours CSL to the expanded 36 hours of CSL for Literacy, Tutoring, Mentoring:  

Complete the Community Service Leave (CSL) for Literacy, Tutoring, Mentoring Request Form to request this option for 2021.