COVID-19 HR Information

There have been updates to work and leave provisions, health benefits and other HR items due to COVID-19. Please consult this webpage for the most up-to-date information. Several work and leave provisions listed below ended in accordance with the end of the declared public health emergency.

Page updated Sept. 13, 2022.

COVID-19 Booster Incentive Leave

UNC Charlotte encouraged employees to receive their booster with an additional eight hours of paid leave. Eligible employees who received and submitted documentation of their first booster on or before Aug. 31, 2022, received the leave. The eight hours may be used for any reason and are made possible through direction by the UNC System in conjunction with an executive order from Gov. Roy Cooper.

There is no requirement to receive a COVID-19 vaccination or booster by UNC Charlotte employees.

  • This leave is available for the first booster shot received—second booster shots are not eligible.
  • The leave must be used by March 31, 2023, and will not be paid out upon separation from the University.


  • Permanent, time-limited and probationary employees were eligible for this leave (SHRA and EHRA non-faculty staff and leave earning faculty).
    • The leave is prorated for eligible part-time employees.
    • Temporary employees are not eligible.

How to receive the COVID Booster Leave:

  • Employees whose booster information is on file with the University as of May 23, 2022, saw this leave reflected in Kronos under the category “COVID Booster” in June.
  • Employees, including new hires, who received and submitted their booster information to the University by the deadline of Aug. 31, 2022, will see this leave reflected in Kronos under “COVID Booster” a few weeks after their submission.

Using the COVID Booster Leave:

  • Employees may use this leave, with supervisor approval, as soon as you see it reflected in Kronos under the category of “COVID Booster.”
  • Employees may use this leave just as they would use any other leave, with supervisor approval.
  • This leave must be used by March 31, 2023.


COVID-19 Vaccine Work Provisions

Permanent and temporary employees were allowed to use a limited amount of paid work time to receive their dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and/or booster, with prior supervisor approval, up until Aug. 31, 2022.

Reference the limitations and guidance below:

  • Up to two hours of paid time worked was granted (and two additional hours if a second dose is required).

  • Up to two hours of paid time worked was granted for the COVID-19 vaccine booster.    

  • Requests beyond two hours of paid time worked for a vaccine require justification and were subject to the approval of the associate vice chancellor of human resources.

  • This paid work time did not affect available COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave. 

  • No entry was needed in Kronos.

  • Employees do not need to clock in/out for time to go get vaccinated.

  • This provision ended on Aug. 31, 2022.

Vaccination reactions

COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave was able to be used if a permanent employee experienced a reaction to their vaccination, either on the day of the vaccination or the following day. This provision ended Aug. 31, 2022. 

Employees must use their accrued personal leave for reactions that are experienced beyond the day after vaccination and after Aug. 31, 2022. 

COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave (PAL)

COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave was available for the following eligible conditions listed below up until the end of the condition's listed end date.

Eligible conditions:

  • Quarantine or isolation: The employee was subject to a quarantine or isolation order, or had been advised to self-quarantine or self-isolate by a health care provider or public health official, and the employee could not telework during the quarantine/isolation period. 

    • In cases such as being exposed to someone who tested positive, employees did not need to quarantine if fully vaccinated and they were not symptomatic. In that situation, employees did not qualify for PAL. Please review the Niner Nation Cares website for more information on vaccination status at UNC Charlotte.

    • This provision ended on Aug. 15, 2022.

  • Vaccine adverse reactions: The employee experienced a reaction to their COVID-19 vaccination that prevented them from returning to work, either on the day of the vaccination or on the following day. 

    • This provision ended on Aug. 31, 2022.

    • For continuing adverse reactions experienced beyond the day after vaccination and after Aug. 31, 2022, employees must use their own accrued personal leave.

Non-eligible conditions:

As of Jan. 13, 2022, possible exposures/symptoms that did not result in ordered or advised quarantine or isolation were not considered eligible for PAL. 


Under the eligible conditions above, COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave was allocated as described below:

  • The employee may have received up to 80 hours of COVID-19 paid administrative leave for the absences prior to using any accrued personal leave and paid time off.

  • Once this 80 hours has been exhausted, the employee had to use their accrued personal leave and paid time off for the absences.

  • Once the employee had exhausted their accrued personal leave and paid time off, then the employee may have consulted with the Benefits Office at or 704-687-8134 for further guidance on their situation.

Special Notes: 

  • Use of this COVID-19 PAL for the eligible reasons listed above was cumulative from March 16, 2020, through Aug. 15, 2022, for quarantine and isolation and Aug. 31, 2022, for adverse reactions. If an employee used FFCRA emergency paid sick leave in 2020 for any of those reasons then those hours must have been deducted from any remaining COVID-19 PAL available through this section.

Application for PAL:

Applications for Paid Administrative Leave are closed.

Deadlines for PAL applications:

  • Vaccine adverse reactions: Aug. 31, 2022, for reactions that occur the day of the vaccine, or the following day, not beyond Aug. 31, 2022
  • Quarantine or isolation: Aug. 31, 2022 ,for ordered quarantine/isolation periods not to exceed Aug. 15, 2022

COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank

UNC Charlotte created a “leave bank” so employees can donate leave to colleagues who cannot work due to an eligible COVID-19-related reason and have exhausted their available leave.  

As of Aug. 15, 2022, the COVID-19 Shared Leave bank was discontinued. Active employees who made contributions will receive communication directly from the Benefits Office in September about leave to be returned resulting from unused donations.

State Health Plan 

Please visit the State Health Plan’s website for more information regarding updates to benefits due to COVID-19.

9/12/2022 Update about COVID-19 boosters:

The State Health Plan (SHP) recently learned of coding issues causing rejections for COVID-19 vaccine boosters at some pharmacies, such as Walgreens.  The issue is only regarding the new booster. 

Due to the current issue with coding at some pharmacies, employees enrolled in the State Health Plan coverage may have a better experience going to a CVS pharmacy for their booster. SHP advised if employees have an issue with coverage when going to get their COVID-19 vaccine or booster at CVS or any other pharmacy, for the member or the pharmacy, to contact CVS Caremark (SHP Pharmacy Manager).  They can be reached at 888-321-3124, to request an override. Members need to also have their SHP health insurance ID card ready.

Flexible Spending Account Update -Temporary Relief for COVID-19

Reference the provisions the State of North Carolina temporarily added to your Flexibile Spending Account plans.

At-Home COVID-19 Tests Now FSA Eligible

The Health Care Flexible Spending Account allows you to spend pre-tax funds on eligible expenses such as over-the-counter medicine, out-of-pocket medical expenses, PPE (through 2022), and now, at-home COVID-19 tests.

sample list of eligible items can be found in the FSA section of


Contact the Benefits Office at